Located in southeast Los Angeles County, the city of Downey has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, and interesting trivia. For one, Downey is the birthplace of NASA’s Apollo Space program and is home to McDonald’s’ oldest, still-operational restaurant. But most importantly, the city is one of the most economically-competitive places in the county. In 2017, Downey was recognized as the “Most Business-Friendly City” by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LACEDC).

These interesting and practical aspects of Downey make it an attractive place for young professionals and new families to settle. According to recent data, the city’s housing market has grown more competitive, with a rising trend that will continue in the next five years. The same trend has directly benefited relevant industries, including the construction sector.  

This article features the best general contractors in Downey. The firms featured here are either based in Downey or have completed projects in the area. The companies were ranked based on their scope and ability to take on projects in remodeling, renovation, additions, and relevant general contracting projects. Their rankings are also based on the background of their principals, their years of experience in the field, and the awards, industry affiliations, and publication features they have earned over the years. Most importantly, the firms were ranked based on the reviews and testimonials left to them by their current and former clients. 

Nelson Bran Custom Homes and Remodeling

Nelson Bran Custom Homes and Remodeling understands that every residential space and workspace should not only meet the structural needs of its users but also reflect the individuality and vision of their owners. For this reason, the firm conceptualizes projects and designs them according to the most personal preferences of its clients. 

Aside from adhering to set building standards and ensuring that it follows the most stringent manufacturer specifications for its materials, the firm also takes into account the client’s expectations, in terms of function and aesthetics. The company offers a comprehensive approach to designing and building commercial and residential spaces across Southern California.

Under the leadership of Nelson Bran, the firm is licensed, bonded, and insured. It also boasts an extensive general contracting portfolio, including remodels, additions, new construction, and custom home builds. The firm is also a certified roofing contractor. Nelson Bran Custom Homes and Remodeling is involved throughout all phases of the build process, from floor planning, site planning, and design to engineering, project management, and construction. 

Blue Sky Remodeling

8670 Atlantic Ave., South Gate, CA 90280

Blue Sky Remodeling is a household name in South Gate’s home improvement industry. Many of its projects come from repeat businesses that have been commissioned by homeowners. Additionally, the firm is also a top pick for real estate managers in need of a professional who can readily propose and execute remodeling, renovation, and maintenance works for homes that need to be attractive for the market.

Jaime Negrete’s more than ten years of experience as a builder and service provider helped him develop a construction process that answers clients’ needs for fast, timely delivery, without compromising the quality of the project. Quality workmanship, competitive pricing, and reliability are just some of the three factors that make this contractor a preferred professional, especially for first-time project owners.

Additionally, in reviews of the firm, many of its clients emphasized the company’s in-depth knowledge of the construction process. Clients also pointed out how the firm provides transparent, open communication throughout the building process. Most importantly, these testimonials also highlighted the company’s overall contribution to transforming dreary and outdated rooms into modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing residential spaces.

Coverall Construction

8132 Firestone Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90241

For over 15 years, Coverall Construction has produced a wide variety of commercial and residential projects for Southern California’s most discriminating homeowners and developers. Through its successful runs as a builder and a general contractor, the company has established lifelong relationships with its clients. Additionally, its consistent delivery of construction and planning works that meet projects’ timelines and financial requirements has helped it win repeat clients and clients from referrals. 

Over the years, the firm has developed a network of partners and product suppliers that help it complete high-quality builds using top-tier materials. The firm’s bathroom and kitchen remodeling and renovation work, interior and exterior builds, as well as additions and apartment improvement services, make up its extensive portfolio of home improvement projects. As part of its client-centered approach, the locally owned firm provides 24-hour emergency services to answer clients’ most immediate needs.

The firm’s multidisciplinary approach to construction can be attributed to the experience and background of its principal, Alex Ramdeen. As a builder himself, Ramdeen applies a hands-on approach to every project and personally heads each project from conceptualization to completion. Ramdeen’s team is also licensed to take on plumbing projects, electrical installation, and full basement renovations. The firm’s overall customer-focused approach has helped it secure a Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ certification, which is proof of the firm’s stellar client reviews and ideal business practices.

Finest Remodeling & Construction Inc. / Home Improvements & Flooring Depot

9416 Telegraph Rd., Downey, CA 90240

Home Improvements & Flooring Depot has been helping homeowners across the Greater Los Angeles area to transform, expand, and revitalize their homes through quality materials and efficiently delivered general contracting services. Bathrooms, kitchens, and flooring projects are included in the firm’s portfolio of home improvement projects. 

The company is owned and operated by Eduardo Rivera, who has a background in home building and construction inspection, which has helped the company look at each project from a perspective of quality and structural integrity. Under his leadership, the firm has built a multi-faceted service as a general contractor. As a flooring depot enterprise, it has the manpower and resources to complete home improvements, remodels, and full building services that are commended for its quality materials and effective construction approach.

To help clients explore a wide range of designs, palettes, and materials to be used for every custom build, the company provides a comprehensive planning and selection process during the early stages of each project. This includes a showroom tour that helps clients make informed decisions about their projects. The experience also helps clients conceptualize a design that fits their functional and aesthetic needs.

Machado Construction

13045 Ardis Ave., Downey, CA 90242

Locally owned and operated, Machado Construction has built a reputation of credibility and consistency among Downey homeowners who have experienced the firm’s quality work firsthand. The company focuses on residential construction, and its long list of clients as well as its nature as a homegrown firm have helped it build familiarity with the specific needs of various communities, in terms of functional and relevant spaces that can evolve with a growing family and aging household.

The firm’s services revolve around projects in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, room additions, and other services that help homeowners enhance their lives and add aesthetic value to their properties. Combined with the firm’s over 30 years of experience, the firm’s overall scope has helped shape the city’s residential landscape. The result is an overwhelming list of client commendations and reviews, which has helped the firm win business through word-of-mouth advertising and referrals. 

Hector Machado started the firm in 1982. Since the firm’s founding, it has catered to a long list of clients across the Greater Los Angeles area, Long Beach, Orange County, and surrounding cities. Even with the firm’s growing success, it has chosen to remain small and offer boutique services, in order to provide a more focused and personal approach to construction.