Bellevue’s name is derived from the French phrase belle vue, which directly translates as “beautiful view”—-and it truly lives up to its expectations, with the abundance of picturesque sights, including scenic cityscapes, hilltops, and mountains. The city is also the third-largest in the Seattle Metropolitan area and the sixth wealthiest in Washington, attracting businesses and investors from a wide array of industries. 

The combination of a flourishing economy and idyllic city and suburban scenes make the area one of the most practical and beautiful places to live. Given these factors, the city has observed a growing population and tourists-turned-residents in recent years. This mobility boosted the region’s housing market and the construction industry as a whole, especially with the growing demand for quality, updated modern residential spaces. 

This article features the best general contractors in Bellevue. The firms featured here are either based in the city or have done multiple remodeling, additions, renovations, and general contracting projects in the area. The article looked at the experience of each of the firm’s principals, their years of practice, and the accreditations, awards, press publications, and industry recognition that these firms have earned through the years. Most importantly, the listing considered the reviews and testimonials that these companies have received from their past clients.

Armada Design/Build

12727 Northup Way #6, Bellevue, WA 98005

Since its establishment in 2011, the company has collaborated with homeowners to transform homes that highlight modern, unique, and custom details. The company specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and its service scope goes beyond general contracting and construction. The firm also has an in-house team of interior and exterior design experts to help clients conceptualize projects that represent their aesthetic aspirations. 

One of the company’s biggest remodeling works in Bellevue is for a local project owner who wanted to fully transform their entire home into a welcoming haven. The resulting space now features a warm and inviting palette and accented by natural elements of wood, stone materials, custom fixtures, and cabinetry. Included in this commission was the remodel of the home’s master bath as featured in this article. The room’s neutral and warm color theme sets the stage to highlight a modern, fiberglass tub that lies across a counter-to-ceiling wall mirror. Stained wood cabinets topped with a sleek vanity countertop completes the space’s homey atmosphere.

Other elegantly-designed projects can be found in the company’s extensive portfolio. Many of its works are commended by its past clients for quality and faithfulness to the design preferences of their project owners. The firm’s projects are also celebrated by different publications from the design and construction community. Home Garden Travel and Lifestyle magazine, for instance, featured one of its iconic remodeling works. The project involved the revival of a 1940s interior into a modern haven that pays tribute to the home’s historic roots while creating a home that can thrive and answer to the modern demands of its users.

BLC Remodeling

14655 SE Allen Rd., Bellevue, WA 98006

Serving the Greater Seattle area, BLC Remodeling is a family-owned and operated general contracting company that specializes in designing, constructing, and remodeling residential spaces. The firm has completed projects throughout the region and is known for its collaborative construction practice. Aside from establishing lifelong partnerships with some of the most trusted enterprises in the building community, it has also built a reputation for quality and client-focused approaches.

As a builder and service provider, the company makes sure that the client is part of every step of the process, from conceptualizing its designs, products, and materials selection to the final stages of construction. The company’s customer-focused approach to every build doesn’t stop there. Reviews and client testimonials highlight how the company ensures that every project is tailored to the specific schedule and budget requirement of every client. 

General contracting projects for residential exterior and interior spaces can be found in the firm’s more than 15 years of experience, in addition to remodeling, and construction. The firm’s comprehensive list of services also includes roof installation, decks and fences installation, framing, and painting. Additionally, the company is an experienced designer and contractor for bathroom, kitchen, and whole-house remodeling. For these projects, the firm partners with leading home improvement figures, including European Stone & Tile Design. Custom home construction also makes up a big part of its service offering. 

Damskov Construction

1940 124th Ave. NE Suite A107, Bellevue, WA 98005

Damskov Construction is an innovative custom home builder and whole house remodeler serving the Greater Puget Sound area. It is known for superior quality construction, efficient project execution, and a collaborative approach to building. Since its inception in 2012, it has built architecturally-elegant custom homes and whole-house remodels by working directly with homeowners and independent architects and designers. The results of these collaborations translate into a higher level of knowledge, skill, and attention-to-detail on every project.

Damskov embraces technology to stay in regular contact with its clients throughout its home construction projects—a method that helps both staff and project owners to work well together. The firm’s proficiency in construction management transforms a homeowner’s basic needs, routines, budget and timeline into a reliable system of accountability. The same process has helped the company earn commendations from clients, highlighting its responsiveness and ability to deliver projects on time. These testimonials also emphasized the firm’s profound understanding of the clients’ vision and its ability to complete projects without exceeding the financial expectations of the build. 

For Damskov’s building portfolio, it has completed a wide range of projects of varying complexity and value, including custom home construction, room additions, kitchen and bath remodels, and complete interior and exterior renovations.  As a member of the Master Builders Association and National Association of Home Builders, the company participates in the continued learning and advocacy of innovative building products and construction techniques, which are passed on to the region’s most sophisticated homeowners across the Greater Puget Sound area. 

Design Guild Homes

10001 NE 8th St. Suite #201, Bellevue, WA 98004

Specializing in custom homes, remodels, and additions, Design Guild Homes is a highly-acclaimed builder and general contractor that has been helping shape the region’s residential landscape. Aside from its accreditations as an NAHB-affiliated firm, it also plays a big part in Washington’s green building movement and is an active member of the Built Green organization. 

Founded by George Glass, an industry pioneer and visionary, the firm is a multi-awarded construction company that has gained the respect and admiration of the region’s design and building community. Since its inception in 1976, it has earned a long list of accolades from some of the biggest industry institutions. These include more than 20 MAME Awards and multiple Seattle Street of Dreams Awards. Some of the firm’s projects for the residential market have also been featured in leading publications, such as Seattle Times, Luxe, and AIA Times’s Home of the Month highlight. 

As a Bellevue contractor, the company has delivered stunning homes and residential spaces that celebrate the balance between modern accents and traditional details. Modern, transitional, and contemporary homes are featured in its high-end portfolio. As a remodeler, the company has transformed, revitalized, and given new life to luxury interior and exterior spaces. These designs introduce the harmony among sleek, minimalist modern lines, and surfaces, and the welcoming and warm palettes and textures of natural wood and stone materials. 

Empire Home Remodeling

17401 135th Ave. NE Suite #7, Woodinville, WA 98072

Because of Empire Home Remodeling’s turnkey design/build services, it is capable of delivering a full-scale, full-custom design and construction experience, especially for project owners who want to transform their most ambitious design ideas into structurally sound and architecturally stunning spaces. Since its establishment in 1991, the company has completed kitchen and bathroom remodeling, new home construction, and outbuilding installation services across Woodinville and surrounding cities, including Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, and Medina, among others. 

Jeanne Dianne Barker leads the firm’s everyday operations. The firm is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A+ certification, proof of its client-centered approach and ethical business practices. It is also an active member of the NAHB and has established lifelong networks within the industry. With the support of the company’s in-house design and construction experts, the firm partners with veteran artisans and woodworkers to source and acquire many of its well-loved interior elements, including stained and handmade cabinetry and storage solutions. The results of these collaborations are unforgettable spaces that represent the unique design aspirations and lifestyles of their homeowners. 

Classic and traditional designs can be found in the firm’s residential portfolio. These projects beautifully introduce the old world charms of elegant, artisan fixtures, craftsman furniture, and cabinets. These spaces are colored in earthy and warm palettes. The nostalgic details of these traditional elements are then combined with the convenience of modern equipment and finishes. These can be seen in the firm’s remodeling, renovation, additions, and construction works of kitchens, baths, and living spaces. 

F&M Construction and Remodeling LLC

13737 SE 26th St. Suite #7, Bellevue, WA 98005

Since its establishment in 2010, F&M Construction and Remodeling has served the residential and commercial sectors of King and Snohomish Counties. As a full-service general contractor, the company takes on a wide spectrum of services, ranging from the basic to the most complex construction, remodeling, and renovations projects for the residential and commercial sectors. The firm is also trained to complete interiors and exteriors maintenance and repair work for both markets. Additionally, the company has completed a long list of landscaping maintenance services, as well as outbuildings installations for fences, decks, patios, among others.

As a remodeler with an impressive kitchen and bath portfolio, the firm remains one of the most preferred contractors in Bellevue. Transitional, traditional, and contemporary kitchen and bathroom spaces can be found in its project list. These works exhibit the firm’s understanding of the functional details of a modern residential space as well as the aesthetic uniqueness of the different interior styles and home designs today. 

Mario Ramirez, the firm’s principal, is a third-generation carpenter; his many years in the industry have helped him establish solid relationships with industry professionals and relevant enterprises. These connections allow the firm access to a wealthy inventory of custom cabinets, classic and modern countertops, flooring and tiling options, and a full spectrum of paints and palettes, allowing clients and project owners to aim for more personalized and uniquely designed spaces. These choice materials are coupled with the company’s quality construction practice, as highlighted by positive testimonials from the leading review platforms online. 

Gallagher Construction

12835 Bel-Red Rd., Bldg. 300, Unit #320, Bellevue WA 98005

From Gallagher Construction’s Bellevue office, the firm extends its services across Seattle, Newcastle, Woodinville, Mercer Island, Sammamish, Kirkland, and Redmond, among others. The company’s wide geographic scope is paired with its extensive list of services. Because of its design-build nature, the company has a full team of designers and builders that completes every aspect of the preconstruction, construction, and post-construction stages. 

These collaborations ensure that every project, be it a full, custom home construction, a remodeling, renovation, or additions, stays true to the client’s design ideas and project vision. Regardless of budget, size, and timeline, the company delivers an efficient, coordinated, and transparent development process. These projects are not only structurally sound and high-performing, but also recognized by the design community as many of the firm’s works are inspired by an element of, or a combination of, the modern, industrial, Mid-Century, and contemporary home styles. 

This encompassing approach, led by principal builder Sean Gallagher, has long been commended by the industry’s biggest institutions as well as the communities that they serve. The firm has been a BBB-accredited organization since 2014, a testament to the company’s consistent quality in terms of customer services and ideal business practices. The company is also an active member of the NAHB and the Master Builders Association (MBA) of King and Snohomish Counties. Beyond its commitment to providing innovative and modern construction services, the company is also an affiliate of the Built Green organization, so many of its works represent its support to the industry’s green building practices.  

Higgason Homes 

24846 SE 19th St Sammamish, WA 98075

Client-focused and quality-driven, Higgason Homes is a Sammamish company that is commended for its efficient design-build delivery method. The firm’s comprehensive approach helps homeowners conceptualize, curate, and make educated decisions about the projects, regardless of size or complexity. 

President and founding principal Shannon Higgason developed this process for years. Higgason’s 20 years of experience as a builder general contractor has also allowed the decade-old company to produce an extensive portfolio of remodels, additions, custom millwork, and deck and patio installation works. One of the firm’s most notable projects in Bellevue is the Su Kitchen, a complete remodeling work. 

The Su kitchen exudes a warm and homey ambiance. The work highlights rift white oak cabinets that add an inviting appeal to the space. The kitchen countertops are quartz, complementing the light and bright overall color harmony. The quartz island features an interesting waterfall step-down form that connects to the central table and seating. The space is dominated by an approachable palette that makes it look and feel more expansive. Enhancing this atmosphere is the flow of natural daylight that comes from its full-glass windows and doorway access to the landscape outside. 

JC Enterprises

1489 – 130th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98005

Licensed and insured, JC Enterprises offers credibility, quality, and consistency when it comes to delivering residential construction and remodeling services. What sets the company apart from its contemporaries is its loyal client base. A majority of its commissions and businesses come from referrals and lifelong clients that have worked with the company for decades. 

Since 1984, the firm has worked side-by-side with some of the most discriminating clients in the industry to develop and build high-value properties and luxury residential spaces. However, the company is more than just a typical custom home builder. The firm also takes on highly personalized residential finishes and renovation works that embody the individualities and unique lifestyle choices of its homeowners. This can be attributed to the company’s decades of practice and its team of interior designers, architects, lighting designers, landscape architects, pool builders, and many other artisans that look at the project from every perspective and examine even the smallest details.  

The resulting portfolio features high-end finishes, luxury choices of materials, and custom, handcrafted elements, inspired by the classic, craftsman, traditional, transitional, rustic, and mid-century designs. Most importantly, these homes and new spaces feature the best of what modern home equipment and appliances can offer. Every detail of the build is sourced from leading manufacturers and home improvement product providers, including luxury home appliances company Luwa, closet manufacturer Organized Spaces, and Arnold’s Appliance, among others. 

Lux Design Builds

18388 Redmond Way, Redmond, WA 98052

Lux Design Builds’s overall remodeling project list, as well as its portfolio for other home renovations and upgrades, are products of its years of practice. Since its establishment, it has helped homeowners of the Puget Sound area to transform old, outdated rooms into modern and elegant spaces. The company is led by Raz Gunderman, an industry veteran builder that has developed a dedicated and streamlined design-build model for all of the firm’s projects. Gunderman also relies on an exclusive, in-house team of designers and craftspeople that have established their own reputation in the industry. 

As a general contractor, Gunderman is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), a designation that emphasizes professional expertise in designing homes that cater to the structural and functional needs of an aging household. The company is also a member of the NAHB and other industry organizations. These networks allow the firm to expand its knowledge and training to keep up with the emerging trends and technologies in design and construction.

The firm’s project list features other home improvement projects, including kitchen and master bath remodels and renovations. However, one of the firm’s most unique specializations can be found in its Kids’ Bath and Powder Room portfolio. The firm specializes in upgrades, renovations, remodels, and new construction works in transforming spaces into stylish and cute bathrooms for the little ones. These baths are also designed with their users in mind, with materials and design choices that prioritize safety and functionality. 

Macpherson Construction & Design

21626 SE 28th St. Sammamish, WA 98075

Since Macpherson Construction & Design’s inception in 1983, it has delivered a full-scale approach to general contracting. Aside from its building services, it also provides architecture and interior design work to the region’s most sophisticated homeowners. The result is a portfolio that features a wide spectrum of work, including homes inspired by the traditional, shingle, modern, and contemporary styles.

One example of its project is a contemporary Lake Washington home that has several spectacular architectural features to show off. The residence has crisp, clean-lined edges pair well with the minimalist interiors, creating a uniformed design. The 20+ foot ceilings in the great room are illuminated with large windows and multi-slide doors. Multiple Bocci lights serpentine their way through the space to bring your eye down the floating quartz staircase. The backside of the home offers a dynamic façade and is complimented by the sunken seating area and cantilevered infinity edge pool.

Renewal Remodels & Additions

9725 SE 36th St Suite #312, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Renewal Remodels & Additions is a family-owned and client-focused company that was founded in 1996. The establishment of the firm was an answer to the region’s growing need for custom home builders that can deliver a more personalized design and construction process, especially for homeowners who want to live in a unique haven, representative of their lifestyle choices and aesthetic preferences. Today, the company offers a wide range of services, including kitchen and bath remodels, home additions, whole house, home remodeling, outdoor living construction.

George Eide, the firm’s owner and founder, has been with the industry for more than 20 years. Eide’s experience as a builder and a professional has helped him develop a remodeling process that focuses on how to maximize the client’s budget without compromising the quality of the materials and the overall construction process. Eide is supported by the firm’s vice president, Troy Rideb, a Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) and a CAPS-certified professional. Rideb’s experience has expanded the firm’s services to cater to home transformations that can respond to the needs of aging homeowners. 

Over the years, the company has earned an overwhelming list of awards and accolades from the design and building community. A number of Best in American Living Awards (BALA) recognition have been awarded to many of its kitchen remodeling projects. Chrysalis-award-winning renovations and remodels as well as more than 80 Remodeling Excellence (REX) awards can be found in its extensive portfolio.  

Sunrise Construction

12626 88th Suite SE, Snohomish WA 98290

As one of the largest general contracting companies in the region, Sunrise Construction is known for its consistent quality and commitment to a customer-based approach to construction. The result is a loyal client base that continues to collaborate with the company for mid-range to luxury construction, remodeling, repairs, painting, and roofing installations, among others. 

Testimonials from its past clients highlight the company’s ability to deliver spaces that not only enhance the lives of its inhabitants but also stay functionally and aesthetically relevant over time. These projects are also commended for their on-time and within budget delivery. Most importantly, these reviews emphasized how the firm deploys a detail-oriented team that has the knowledge and experience to take on the most complex challenges of the build. 

Jeff Sunrise founded the company in 2001. Since then, the firm has served the commercial and residential project owners and property investors to remodel, renovate, and reconstruct traditional, classic, transitional, and contemporary living spaces for modern users. The firm’s almost two decades of practice has helped it complete a wealthy portfolio that covers thousands of remodeled properties across the Puget Sound Area, the Greater Seattle Area, and other cities in Washington state. 

Tall Pines Construction

1020 108th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

As a full-scale remodeler and builder, Tall Pines has an in-house team of design and building professionals that assists project owners from the first stages of conceptualization through completion. The firm’s client-centered approach to every build has continuously allowed it to earn annual recognition from some of the industry’s most trusted review platforms, including Angie’s List and its Super Service Award prize.

Tim Pigatto heads the firm’s everyday practice and personally takes part in every project. As a builder, Pigatto is known for his hands-on approach to every project. Under his leadership, the firm also takes on other relevant contracting work. The company is licensed to complete plumbing, framing, painting, flooring, and electrical installation works, among many others. For these projects, the company extends its services throughout Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, and other cities in the Greater Seattle area and the Eastside. 

Tenhulzen Residential

13208 NE 20th St. Suite #300, Bellevue, WA 98005

Tenhulzen Residential is a highly acclaimed remodeling company that has earned multiple premier industry awards in recent years, including the much sought-after Chrysalis awards. Michael Tenhulzen, the firm’s director, comes from a family of remodelers. As a second-generation builder, he has the experience and insight into the challenges and responsibilities of creating spaces for the region’s most discriminating homeowners. Tenhulzen is a CGR and holds a CAPS certification.

The company is an active member of the NAHB and the National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) Puget Sound. These memberships give the company access to the latest training and technologies that the modern construction and design industry can offer. The product of these experiences and affiliations is a portfolio filled with works highlighted for their iconic designs and impressive functional and structural performance. Many of these projects have helped homeowners realize their dream homes.

One of the firm’s most interesting kitchen remodeling projects is for a 1971 residence. The project involved the expansion of the kitchen, specifically adding more storage space to the room. The four-foot expansion required an added, concealed beam that supports the home’s second level. One challenging aspect of this work was accommodating the room’s existing terrazzo flooring into the new design. Aside from adding a decorative detail of sophistication to the room, removing the flooring was impractical and expensive. The firm solved it by going back to the proposed layout and making the necessary adjustments to functionally and aesthetically blend in with the kitchen’s new theme.

UNIQ Interiors

12400 SE 38th St. #40059, Bellevue, WA 98006

For two decades, UNIQ Interiors has been delivering transformative and life-changing spaces to the region’s most sophisticated project owners. The company is a remodeling and builder contractor that specializes in custom bathrooms, kitchens, interiors, and additions, as well as basement renovations. Under the guidance of its principal, Victor Papa, the firm has worked with leading architects and creatives in the field to complete high-end residential spaces.

Aside from its extensive project portfolio in Bellevue, the firm has also completed other projects outside the city. One of the firm’s most recent works can be found in Snoqualmie Ridge. The project, which was an addition that was completed in 2019, was commissioned by a repeat client from a past whole-house renovation. The resulting structure enhanced the space, functionality, and aesthetics of a previously underutilized patio slab by turning it into a new room that basks in natural daylight and connects the indoors to its green, refreshing outdoors. 

Aside from its purpose as a shelter and relaxing space for the homeowners, the space also features some unique details and natural accents. Exposed beams, soaring, vaulted ceilings that feature skylights, floor-to-ceiling sliding patio glass doors, and other wood elements and custom carpentry works, add character to the room. The overall work was a product of the firm’s collaboration with a local architect commissioned by the client. Most importantly, for this project, the homeowners commended the company for its commitment to deliver the best performance possible, making this home improvement investment worth every dollar.  

Unique Home Construction

16190 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue, WA 98008

Unique Home Construction specializes in bespoke luxury remodeling and building projects. The company is not only a builder, but also an interior designer that has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to deliver high-end spaces to the residential, commercial, and retail sectors. Reza Amiri-Sefat, the firm’s principal, is supported by a team of licensed interior designers, project managers, and dedicated installation professionals to produce full-scale, design-to-completion home improvement services.

True to its name, the firm has delivered some of the most unique bathroom remodels out there. The firm’s bathroom portfolio features small, yet luxurious modern spaces that represent a varying range of design styles and sophistication. Details from the selection of tiles, custom fixtures, cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, and other room accents, are carefully curated to embody the sense of style and functional needs of their project owners. 

For one of its completed bathroom remodels in Seattle, the company transformed a small bathroom space into a classically Italian style-inspired haven. Despite its limited square footage, the firm was able to maximize the space as well as the client’s budget through clever and technical planning. The room’s palette features a striking contrast of white walls and subway tiles, against its dark, textured flooring and panels. Dark fixtures and golden accents add a flavor of luxury to the humble, yet iconic space.