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With its pristine location and diverse zoning, Novato contains a wide range of businesses, such as commercial plazas, office spaces, and industrial areas. Novato is the ideal location for a business to begin and prosper. This list showcases five of the best commercial contractors in Novato, all of whom have demonstrated their impressive performance through notable projects in the area.

Alten Construction

1141 Marina Way South Richmond, CA 94804

With over twenty-five years of construction experience, Alten Construction is one of the most prominent contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1995 by Ben and Shannon Alten, the company has evolved from completing its first project to scoring multi-million contract deals. Over the years, Alten Construction has completed an impressive variety of construction projects, including commercial spaces, educational facilities, green buildings, medical construction, and historic building renovations. The company provides its general contracting services to nearby areas like Novato and San Rafael, from the preconstruction phase to the final project handover. 

Alten Construction has always maintained its commitment to meeting high-quality standards. Having a team of highly knowledgeable, hardworking, and honest professionals has enabled them to maintain  their spotless track record, delivering projects efficiently and satisfying each client. This is evident in the construction of Novato Corporation Yard. Alten Construction constructed a 6,000-square-foot office space that consists of a new metal building.

Landmark Builders

42 Digital Drive, Suite 11 Novato, CA 94949

With its main office located in Novato, California, Landmark Builders offers full construction services in the general area of San Francisco, Marin, Napa, and Sonoma. Founded in 1986 by Jaimie R. Stewart, the company possesses over thirty-five years of experience with a diverse array of projects, including new construction and renovation of residential homes, office spaces, commercial buildings, and light industrial spaces. 

Landmark Builders has always emphasized the importance of meeting the client’s needs and ensuring their satisfaction once the project handover is complete. This is particularly apparent in the “Landmark Construction Process.” The company focuses on maximizing the project’s value for the client by balancing the design, costs, budget, and construction schedules, as they ensure clear and open communication for the duration of the project. This is executed by a team of highly experienced experts in construction methods, project scheduling and management, and administrative controls.  Landmark Builders thoroughly tracks and reviews the progress to guarantee that the quality of the completed project meets the highest standard.  

Rempe Construction

1020 Railroad Avenue Suite E. Novato, CA 94945

Established in 1978, Rempe Construction is the oldest company on the list. This Novato general contractor possesses more than forty years of construction experience. The company has created a stunning portfolio of new construction and professionally designed renovations for residential and commercial projects. Rempe Construction offers services in Marin, Sonoma, and San Francisco.

Rempe Construction’s principles are built on two cornerstones of the business: quality and integrity. With an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and testimonials, the company has proven its ability to uphold high quality and integrity in every project. Under the leadership of  Zac Rempe, the general manager of Rempe Construction, the company has demonstrated its ability to achieve frequent project success. 

Meylan Construction

3145 Kerner Boulevard, Suite A, San Rafael, CA 94901

Meylan Construction displays an impressive portfolio—4,000 completed projects and 600 customers in thirty-one years. Established in 1989 by Joe Meylan, the San Rafael, California-based company began as a general contractor for residential and commercial projects within the San Francisco and Marin area. 

Understanding the client’s vision for the project and turning it into reality is Meylan Construction’s goal for each contract. Each member of the company’s team is selected for their credentials and experiences, to ensure their commitment to delivering the best project outcome and exceeding the client’s expectations. 

Now, Meylan Construction focuses on commercial projects—new construction, tenant improvements, structure upgrades, ground ups, and specialty works. One of Meylan Construction’s most notable works includes the complete renovation of the 505 San Marin Lobby, which transformed the building from its outdated 1980s style to a contemporary and welcoming environment.

Thompson Builders

5400 Hanna Ranch Rd. Novato, CA 94948

Thompson Builders’ impressive track record involves diverse construction project experiences. The company focuses mainly on commercial construction, but they offer a wide range of specialized services, such as heavy civil engineering, educational facilities, commercial and recreational spaces, and parking structures. Based in Novato and mainly catering construction services in Northern California, Thompson Builders has completed 200 significant projects in thirty-two years. 

Thompson Builders was founded by Paul Thompson, who cultivated the idea that value and competitive prices are closely linked. The company’s mission is to ensure that projects are high quality and delivered on time, within budget, no matter how difficult construction proves. The company’s performance is evidenced by its strong portfolio, which ensures its excellent reputation and significant revenue.