Murrieta’s proximity to San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County makes it an ideal home for the working class and their families. Its reputation as a commuter town has driven up demand for its neighborhoods and multi-family apartment offerings. That demand has also created the need for commercial establishments to cater to the growing population. Unique branding is needed to differentiate these news businesses from each other. The best commercial architects understand the market, and they know how to design for it.

The best commercial architects in Murrieta are listed below. These firms are experts in commercial building and have years of experience in the sector. They can provide new and fresh ideas for your next project or help you revamp and add life to your current establishment. And they can always match and enhance your company’s brand.

Visioneering Studios

106 W 4th Street, Suite #600, Santa Ana, CA 92701

For over 19 years, Visioneering Studios has been offering master planning, architecture, interior designing, and wayfinding and graphics services in Southwestern California. The firm prides themselves on their planning process and vows to give a new sense of clarity and perspective to the client’s vision. The Visioneering team focuses on how the light, colors, and material selection complement each other. They show that creating a unique environment with beauty and artistry is possible while still respecting the budget. They also take extra steps to ensure the project’s primary engineering aspect is secured and not overlooked.

The firm’s recognition over the years includes the Solomon Awards for Building Contractor in 2019 and 2012, the Solomon Awards for Church Design in 2016, 2017, and 2019, and the Solomon Awards for New Campus Construction Design in 2016. They have also been featured in the Orange County Register and on Spaces4Learning.

The non-profit organization Children’s Hunger Fund wanted to help their guests imagine being in the shoes of the children living in poverty. They came to Visioneering Studios, where they created The Poverty Encounter. They made four distinct places: a garbage dump in Guatemala, a brickyard in Nepal, sewers where Romanian orphans take shelter, and Haiti after the massive earthquake. They made sure that the guest would leave feeling the emotions the children felt. The firm also won an award for this project in 2019, the THEA Award for Connected Immersion on a Limited Budget.

MAA Architects

330 Rancheros Drive Suite 110, San Marcos, CA 92069

Known for specializing in an extensive range of building typographies, MAA Architects, Inc. showcases their experience and diverse background by creating and designing nearly anything. Since the firm’s foundation in 1989, it has produced quality results in Architecture, Planning, and Interior Design. The MAA team bases their projects on the surroundings, the people who will occupy the area, and the client’s goals. The firm sees this priority list as a vital part of producing a dynamic and healthy community. They also make sure that the designs they create are ingenious, practical, and always delivered on time. 

Lead Architect Andy Kjellberg and founder Edward J. McArdle worked on one of the firm’s prominent projects, the Stone Brewery. It is a full-scale brewing operation inside the Escondido Research & Technology Center that includes a restaurant with an outdoor seating area overlooking the natural landscapes of California. They promoted the scenery by using wood and stone as their primary material and seamlessly blended that material with the environment. They also added stones, plants, and small ponds to the restaurant’s interior to match the exterior and give the interior ambiance a natural look and feel.

Broeske Architects & Associates, Inc.

4344 Latham Street, Suite 100, Riverside, CA 92501

Being a key part of the thriving metropolitan cities in Southern California is a goal that Broeske Architects & Associates has achieved. Giving high-quality services and results to its clients is a critical part of that success. The firm’s dedication to the city can be seen in its projects, which feature long-term environmental sustainability and historical appropriateness. Since opening its doors in 2005, the firm has offered complete architecture, design development, and consultation services. Owner and founder Jim Broeske is responsible for the logistical aspect of every project, and he personally meets with all of the firm’s clients. With over 40 years of experience, he has become an expert in the building codes that affect construction.

The firm’s work on the historical Cesar Chavez Community Center in Riverside was noteworthy. The firm did a retrofitting so that the building would be ADA handicapped accessible. A relocation of the existing utilities was required to add a new elevator and to create accessible restrooms. The Broeske team did a great job, especially considering that they were working on a 100-year-old foundation—quite the challenge.

Artoo Design S2dio

6277 Hereford Lane, Eastvale, CA 92880

Total client satisfaction is the philosophy of Artoo Design S2dio. The firm focuses on being the client’s representative on every project while also assisting the contractors. The firm’s quality-oriented approach stems from that focus on client satisfaction. The firm achieves its customer service goals by carefully organizing all the expectations, project needs, code requirements, and budget. That focus on the process produces high-quality, cost-effective, and on-schedule projects. That structure also allows the firm’s team to think outside the box. 

Ramy Ibrahim, the founder and principal architect of Artoo, has over 20 years of experience working in the Middle East and the US. He is also personally responsible for growing the firm and creating its solid market presence and brand equity. The firm is also recognized and accredited by the LEED as a professional in building design and construction. The firm also has certification from the National Council of Architectural Registration Board and the United States Green Building.

GLO Architecture

1041 Market Street, Suite #318, San Diego, CA 92101

GLO Architecture has designed multi-family housings and charter schools for more than 20 years. The firm creates inspiring living and learning environments because they want to connect people to places and help make their everyday lives more meaningful. The firm produces innovative learning spaces and inviting living spaces with its fool-proof process. Gathering data through questioning and listening to its new clients is its first step. The firm’s team then finds the best solution that fits the site and incorporates design rules concerning the budget and local zoning and building codes. This simple, but careful process consistently creates a functional and visually pleasing result.

The firm has a proven track record in partnering with different clients, including Bridge Housing, Affirmed Housing Group, and Abode Services. Currently, GLO Architecture is working on a housing project with Abode Services, a project funded by Apple that targets the housing crisis in California. It is responsible for designing an affordable senior housing facility, Kifer Senior Housing, that will provide shelter for homeless seniors or those at risk of losing their homes.

Since the project is achieving such high density to give the opportunity of healthy shelter living to as many residents as possible, the smaller unit sizes have been offset by locating warm community spaces throughout the development – at the upper level, mid-level and lower level. The dense massing is gently softened with trellis framing, awnings, and terraces which become the ‘jewelry’ of the building. Adding to the property’s character are durable materials like board-formed concrete and Corten metal, which are maintenance-free and add a warm patina and texture. Even solar orientation was considered in the building’s design. Its south and west facing facades provide shading trellises and screened balconies to protect the resident from direct sun, while pushing the building facade to the property line at the east and north to maximize the building footprint.

Finally, each site edge is acknowledged for its context. The Kifer edge (south) is active and open with the main entrance at level 1, a terrace at level 2 and 6 while the more private east edge engages the adjacent property open space while screening the service access area where the adjacent property moves close to the Kifer development. The north street edge is designed to screen car access and the West is designed to provide screening from the west sun while providing balcony/porches for outdoor enjoyment.

ADAY Architects

437 S. Cataract Avenue, Suite 6, San Dimas, CA 91773

Aday Architects has been embodying the word “diligence” for over 20 years. The ADAY team works hard and efficiently, with painstaking effort, to achieve the big picture. Asking why is part of the firm’s process to define the other objectives of the project. Listening and thinking are also an essential part of the ADAY process that helps the staff have a complete and clear understanding and give all the best possible solutions for the goal. This process turns conversations and plans into a design that the client would never have expected. Thanks to the firm’s diligence, it has been recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers (Los Angeles section) and awarded the Historical Renovation Project Award in 2018. Some of their works were also featured in Campus Rec Magazine and Orange County Register.

ADAY Architects designed the three-story Health Administrative building of Loma Linda University. The building houses various academic departments. The ADAY team designed the façade with a modern, minimalist look. They added a striking canopy at the entryway to provide shade. The building has a flat roof which is commonly seen in the contemporary style. They also used clerestory windows that brought plenty of light into the structure, reduced glare, and provided privacy. 

Allenbach Architecture

29333 Via Espada, Murrieta, CA 92563

After its foundation in 1996, Allenbach Architecture went through several changes, including a partnership with a design-build development firm. Today, the firm focuses on the Architectural format, offering everything from land planning to design to documentation to construction administration. These changes developed the Allenbach staff’s experience and enhanced their skillset, thus producing top-quality results. The firm handles all the stages of each project, including the exterior, site plans, floor plans, and the electrical and mechanical aspects of the building. The Allenbach team values growth and knowledge; that’s why they constantly go to different lectures and seminars. 

Their project for the company Search Optics in Aliso, Viejo stands out. The firm provided a general addition and tenant improvement to the entire building. They revamped the façade and used glass-paneled windows for a modern, minimal, professional look. The shape of the building was redesigned to fit the company and its brand. They also added more space on each floor to cater to the growing company’s expanding needs.

Composium Group Architects

685 Grant Court, Vista, CA 92083

Composium Group Architects focuses on creative design solutions that present fresh ideas. The firm is bold: it takes chances and discovers new concepts while still keeping the project structured. Understanding the ‘why’ is a crucial part of their builds. The Composium team communicates with clients to better understand the goal of each project. The firm is committed to making projects a healthy and comfortable environment. They keep it sustainable and eco-friendly by minimizing their waste and reducing each project’s impact on the environment.

Architect and owner John Edward Kavan studied how music relates to the creation of space. He discovered that they are parallel to each other and hold a special relationship. Thus he named the company, by combining the words “composition” and “symposium.” The firm is a place where they design the project in the same way a composer creates music. 

John processes his designs by gathering all his inspiration and creating a space combining form, texture, and other elements. Doing so generates a harmonious composition. This process, along with his 30 years of experience, consistently produces a successful result. It can be seen in over 200 residential additions, multi-family homes, and various commercial spaces— including several McDonald’s locations—that he has designed. 

Schuss Clark Brandon Architect

9845 Erma Road, Suite 303, San Diego, CA 92131

Schuss Clark Brandon Architect is a merger between the architectural corporation Schuss-Clark and architect Jedd Brandon. They specialize in architecture, design, and site planning. The firm has also produced numerous projects for brand names like Auntie Anne’s, Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme, and more. The Schuss team takes a team-centric approach on all of their projects to maximize and combine their skill sets. Connection with the clients is vital to their process and ensures that the projects are designed and matched to their vision. 

The Schuss team continues to prove that their skills and expertise produce high-quality outcomes. Some of these projects have gained recognition, including their design for T.G.I. Friday’s and the Redfish Restaurant, which were awarded the Heart of Gaslamp Award from the San Diego Gaslamp Association. The association and the Center City Development Corporation required that any new construction in San Diego’s Gaslamp District must adhere to the original gaslamp’s design parameters. Since most buildings in the district were built between 1890 and 1920, the firm went for a combination of a Victorian-Era and Chicago Style design. They designed the single building to appear as two different structures, each with a unique entryway. The T.G.I. Friday’s is located on the lower level, and the Redfish Cajun Restaurant is on the second floor.