Indianapolis, Indiana is a vibrant city that offers a compelling blend of commercial and residential opportunities. With a thriving economy and diverse industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and technology, Indianapolis provides a strong foundation for thriving businesses. The city’s strategic location in the heart of the Midwest, coupled with excellent transportation infrastructure, facilitates easy access to major markets. Moreover, Indianapolis boasts an affordable cost of living, excellent schools, and a rich cultural scene, making it an attractive destination for families and individuals seeking a high quality of life. Below are the city’s eight best architectural firms. 

RATIO Architects

101 S Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

RATIO Architects is an international design firm renowned for its innovative approach to transforming environments, including business, residential, educational, and community spaces. With a commitment to creativity and empathy, RATIO collaborates across disciplines to inspire and enhance communities, firmly believing that good design is inclusive, contextual, and timeless. The firm has received recognition for its exceptional work, including the Design and Service Award and five prestigious honors from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Indianapolis in 2021. RATIO’s projects and expertise have been featured in publications such as the Indianapolis Business Journal, Inside INdiana Business, Building Indiana, and Business Wire

Led by a group of accomplished principals, including William A. Browne, Jr., Chris Boardman, and Chris Meier, RATIO Architects combines vision, expertise, and a deep understanding of architecture to create designs with impact.

Schmidt Associates, Inc.

415 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Schmidt Associates, Inc. is a renowned architectural and engineering firm specializing in creating functional and meaningful spaces that address the diverse needs of communities and improve people’s lives. The company understands that buildings are more than just physical structures and recognizes them as representations of an organization’s mission and tools for achieving its vision. Schmidt Associates prioritizes its clients’ and projects’ success, placing their mission and vision at the forefront of the design process. Acting as dedicated partners, the firm leverages its expertise and experience to realize fully its clients’ goals. Notable honors received by Schmidt Associates include the prestigious Monumental Awards from the Indy Chamber and inclusion on ENR’s List of Top 500 Design Firms. The firm’s expertise has been featured in prominent publications such as REJournals

Led by principal Sarah K. Hempstead, a visionary in the field with a strong background in architecture and a leadership role within the Arts Council of Indianapolis, Schmidt Associates combines expertise, collaboration, and a client-centric approach to deliver exceptional results.

Brenner Design Architects

620 N. Delaware St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Brenner Design Architects is an acclaimed architectural firm with a rich history of creating innovative buildings and inspiring interior spaces that contribute to thriving communities. Since its founding in 1992, it has established itself as Indiana’s largest woman-owned (WBE) architectural firm. The talented team at Brenner Design Architects guides clients through renovation and new construction processes, providing expert guidance and exceptional design solutions. The firm has been honored with prestigious awards, including the American School and University Design Award for Outstanding Design in Sports Stadium/Athletic Facility Design. Brenner Design Architects has been featured in notable publications such as IndyStar and the Indianapolis Business Journal

Led by President Diana M.H. Brenner, a distinguished professional with extensive experience in the field and a commitment to excellence, the firm remains dedicated to delivering innovative architectural designs that positively impact communities and reflect clients’ unique visions.

Rottmann Collier Architects Inc.

155 E Market St, Ste 200, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Rottmann Collier Architects Inc. is a distinctive architectural firm founded by Todd Rottmann and Rod Collier, who joined their unique visions and experiences to create an extraordinary design office. With a collaborative approach, the firm encompasses diverse expertise in architecture, interior design, preservation, and planning. Serving the community through full-service architectural and interior design solutions, Rottmann Collier Architects takes pride in its broad portfolio of projects across Indiana and the Midwest. The firm has been recognized with the Best of Indianapolis Awards, an Excellence in Merit Shop Construction Award, and a Best Store Design Award. Rottmann Collier Architects has been featured in various media outlets, including HGTV’s Risky Business

Led by principals Todd Rottmann and Rod Collier, both accomplished architects, the firm continues to demonstrate a commitment to innovative design and exceptional client service. 

GMG Architects

484 E. Carmel Dr, Carmel, IN 46033

GMG Architects is a highly regarded residential architecture and construction management firm known for its personalized approach and commitment to delivering the highest quality professional services. Whether designing in historic districts, suburban neighborhoods, or an urban loft, GMG Architects assists residential clients in achieving their property improvement goals through a transparent, comprehensive, and collaborative design and construction process. The firm has received industry recognition, including the Outstanding Plan award from the Indiana Planning Association. GMG Architects boasts accreditations from esteemed organizations, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the GreenHome Institute. 

Led by President Glenn Gareis, an experienced architect with a background in sustainable design, GMG Architects combines expertise, a client-centered approach, and a dedication to excellence to create exceptional residential spaces.

Goldberg Design Group, Inc.

40 1st St N.W., Carmel, IN 46032

Goldberg Design Group, Inc. (GDG) is a distinguished design firm renowned for its expertise in crafting exquisite custom homes. With a keen understanding of the true essence of custom design, GDG is committed to delivering expertly tailored homes that reflect its clients’ unique visions and desires. GDG takes pride in guiding clients through every stage of the building process, from lot selection and conceptual design to construction completion. The firm’s unwavering dedication is evident in its ability to provide innovative and creative design solutions, regardless of a home’s architectural style. GDG has been recognized by the industry, receiving the BOND Custom Top 100 Luxury Residential Design Firms in North America award. The firm’s work has been featured in publications such as Carmel Monthly Magazine and Indianapolis Monthly

Led by owner and president Stephen Goldberg, GDG benefits from his extensive experience and leadership, ensuring the highest level of design excellence and client satisfaction.

Gary Nance Design

200 South Rangeline Rd Ste 214, Carmel, IN46032

Gary Nance Design is a well-known firm with extensive experience in residential and commercial design. Since its start in 2015, the company has delivered exceptional design solutions characterized by a fresh blend of classic style, functional design plans, and meticulous architectural details. Working closely with clients and contractors, Gary Nance Design ensures integrity and coherence throughout the design and construction process of every project. Gary Nance Design has been featured in various media outlets, including WISH-TV, CBS 4, and IndyStar in 2020. 

The firm is led by principal Gary Nance, who embodies a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. The company benefits from his expertise, leadership, and dedication to delivering outstanding design outcomes.

Puzzello Architecture Practice

3801 N Meridian St Ste 902, Indianapolis, IN 46208 

Puzzello Architecture Practice, an Indianapolis-based collaborative office led by architect Paul Puzzello, executes private and public architectural commissions and consulting projects. The practice also engages in self-performed design and art projects, employing unique digital design and building methods that contribute to a diverse and multidisciplinary portfolio of work. With an emphasis on theory-led design and artistic exploration, Puzzello Architecture Practice considers architecture to be a profession and a discipline that examines the broader cultural and social aspects of human life. The practice aims to consistently deliver contemporary architectural designs that are exciting and relevant to each project, whether driven by return on investment or simple delight. 

Puzzello Architecture Practice is accredited by NCARB, further affirming its commitment to professional excellence and adherence to industry standards.