In the dynamic landscape of Oakland, California, where innovation and functionality converge, the expertise of skilled interior architects is pivotal for crafting living and working spaces that clients will love. These professionals adeptly navigate Oakland’s diverse neighborhoods to create interiors that align with your style and purpose.

With our curated list of accomplished interior architects in Oakland, you gain access to experts who blend aesthetics with functionality. From reimagining homes to optimizing commercial spaces, these professionals tailor interiors to evoke emotions and enhance productivity, mirroring the essence of the city itself.

Cass Calder Smith

44 McLea Crt, San Francisco, CA 94103

Cass Calder Smith Architecture + Interiors, a distinguished multidisciplinary firm, offers a comprehensive range of architectural and interior design services. Emphasizing active listening and collaboration, the firm excels in crafting commercial spaces that cater to individuals, businesses, and nonprofits, fostering community impact. With expertise spanning ground-up construction, renovations, and interior build-outs, the in-house team specializes in hospitality projects that contribute to the community’s vibrancy. The firm’s remarkable achievements include accolades from the Boutique Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), as well as an esteemed affiliation with the American Institute of Architects (AIA). 

Cass Calder Smith’s extensive experience is reflected in a design style characterized by bold imagery and modernist intricacies. His contributions extend beyond design, encompassing leadership roles on notable committees such as the Civic Design Review Committee of The San Francisco Arts Commission and the Board for the Djerassi Resident Artists Program. The firm’s projects have also been featured in prominent publications like The New York Times, Architectural Record, Metropolitan Home, and Hospitality Design. A prime example of one such impressive project is Lily, a Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco. The establishment showcases intricate carved wood lattice ceilings, natural stone tabletops, and a unique mural that represents the Qingming Festival, which alludes to the owner’s culture and heritage. The space is home to a stone bar, open kitchen, and carefully curated displays, creating an immersive dining experience.

Larson Shores

1940 Union St #22 , Oakland, CA 94607 

Larson Shores has combined its architectural and interior design expertise to build a broad portfolio that covers residential, commercial, and interior projects, including both new constructions and renovations. The firm is focused on crafting functional buildings that are inspired by nature by harmonizing with their surroundings, resulting in a modernist vision of positivity. Co-Principals Josh Larson and Carrie Shores lead their skilled team in carrying out this vision. While Larson holds a Bachelor’s from Texas A&M and a UC Berkeley Masters with the prestigious Branner Travelling Fellowship, Shores adds to the team’s expertise with her Masters in Architecture from UC Berkeley.

An example of the firm’s innovative work can be seen in the Presidio VC Offices project. Here, Larson Shores creatively incorporates elements like hanging paper airplanes and a continuous whiteboard for enhanced staff communication. The design also features imaginative features such as suspended globes that simultaneously function as lighting, demonstrating the team’s meticulous attention to detail and inventive approach.

Feldman Architecture

1648 Pacific Ave Ste B, San Francisco, CA 94109

Feldman Architecture carries a track record of success in both residential and commercial design, earning recognition through both AIA and IIDA awards. It specializes in crafting spaces that align with the unique needs of clients, while simultaneously responding to the environment. Specifically, with an emphasis on sustainable design solutions, the team employs meticulous research and site analysis to produce well-informed decisions. The Founding Partner and CEO himself, Jonathan Feldman is an FAIA member and a LEED Accredited Professional, further reflecting the firm’s dedication to sustainable building practices. His background in filmmaking influences his architectural approach, shaping spaces to tell stories and solve intricate challenges. 

This ethos is evident in the stunning project showcased here, completed by Feldman Architecture. The project’s innovative design elements include natural light sculpted from ridge skylights, a wood and painted white steel palette highlighting existing materials, and a cozy material selection and color scheme. Custom-designed furniture and workspaces mimic residential aesthetics, giving the space a distinct atmosphere. The office’s entrance features a continuous wood-clad wall with a pivoting door, introducing a touch of nature with a living wall and curated designer furniture.

Handel Architects

735 Market St 2nd F, San Francisco, CA 94103

Handel Architects is an architecture and planning firm founded by President Gary E. Handel, a Fellow of the AIA, in 1994 in New York City. The firm has since expanded to operate from offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong. Its Northeastern presence is solidified by an impressive collection of over 250 design awards and a continually growing portfolio. Since 2000, its projects have been lauded by organizations such as the Boston Society of Architects, the Boston Preservation Alliance, and the Boston Society of Landscape Architects. Recognition from the AIA, the Congress for New Urbanism, and the Concrete Industry Board further underscores its impact, as seen in projects like the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Residences and the Boston Conservatory-Hemenway Building.

A testament to Handel’s innovative design capabilities is showcased in its work on the Union House. The interiors artfully capture the building’s understated elegance while ensuring that the space retains the comfort of home. The lobby design mirrors the refined allure of a European luxury hotel, featuring a double-height space framed in fumed eucalyptus panels wrapped in off-white leather. The flooring combines white Portuguese Limestone with a black Belgian Limestone inlay, while the ceiling is adorned with a painted tiered wood molding, exemplifying Handel’s commitment to both creativity and meticulous craftsmanship.

Amato Architecture

1396 Park Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608

Amato Architecture, based in Oakland/Emeryville, specializes in practical and stylish design solutions, ranging from custom home remodels, additions, and new construction projects to commercial spaces like restaurants and banks. It prioritizes creating designs that interact with their environments and contexts, as well as bridge the gap between old and new elements. Its portfolio includes iconic office interiors, like the pioneering Twitter headquarters, and residential upgrades that combine modern design with historic features. Owner and AIA member Rebecca Amato, who holds a degree in Environmental Design/Architecture from the University of Colorado Boulder, leads the team with a practical vision. Under her leadership, the firm’s environmentally sustainable design approach has been a focus since 2001.

This standout project showcases the company’s skill in transforming a mid-century Orinda ranch at Hacienda Circle. By removing a central fireplace and reconfiguring bedrooms, the firm created an open, bright interior with a central lounge for gatherings. Innovative design elements like false beams over the kitchen and a strategic barn door display the team’s commitment to both functionality and aesthetics. From dining areas to bedrooms, Amato Architecture’s goal to create clean, functional spaces that cater to individual needs is clear.

Aidlin Darling Design

500 3rd St Ste 410, San Francisco, CA 94107

Aidlin Darling Design upholds a strong legacy of craftsmanship and a collaborative approach in all of its projects. The firm’s process is deeply rooted in this tradition, leading it to tackle each project with a tailored strategy that aligns with the client’s needs and the site’s characteristics. This dedication to excellence has earned Aidlin Darling Design numerous accolades, including the prestigious Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award. Recognized by institutions like AIA, IIDA, and the Chicago Athenaeum, as well as prominent interior design and architecture publications, the firm has earned over 100 regional, state, and international honors in recent years.

One of its most notable works, the Art House, is a product of the firm’s personalized approach. Drawing inspiration from Victorian townhouses, the home is a contemporary rendition that pays homage to the Bay Area’s artisanal heritage. The result is a timeless residence, skillfully crafted with materials that age gracefully. The design also reflects the family’s Welsh countryside origins and the local agrarian legacy, evident in its distinctive triad of gable roof structures. The residence marries tradition with innovation, providing a unique living experience overlooking Napa Valley. The play of light and shadow complement the contemporary art hung around the home. 

Buttrick Projects Architecture+Design

1144 65th St #E, Oakland, CA 94608

Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design is a modern architectural firm known for its versatile approach across residential, commercial, and institutional projects. The company’s portfolio spans both traditional and contemporary designs, emphasizing energy-efficient solutions and uncompromised quality. Its process is built on tailoring solutions to each client’s unique needs.

This featured project is a prime example of the firm’s work. It involved adding three small structures to two adjacent properties while preserving the original 1920s home. This expansion effectively doubled the client’s living space, accommodating a burgeoning art collection, a playroom, and an informal workspace. These new structures create a secluded courtyard, fostering family gatherings. While incorporating contemporary construction techniques, the project respects the character of the neighborhood. The design maximizes natural light through expansive UV-filtering glass openings that bathe the art collection, and a perforated corrugated zinc scrim on the second level diffuses daylight, creating a nuanced interplay of light and shadow. To further dissolve boundaries between the interior and exterior spaces, sizable sliding glass doors effortlessly retract into wall pockets. 


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