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The coastal city of Ventura has a relaxing atmosphere that uplifts the moods of tourists and residents alike. And despite it’s laid-back appeal, its economy is thriving. The average individual and household income of a resident in the city are above the U.S. average. The city also houses significant companies including outdoor clothing manufacturer Patagonia and eco-designer Stewart+Brown. 

The city’s happy citizens actively participate in improving the city. For instance, the City of Ventura launched the Ventura Ventures Technology Center to provide more jobs and attract more businesses to the area. To keep up with the city’s growth, these businesses need certified, experienced commercial contractors. To help, we listed ten of the best ones, ranking them based on their capabilities, work history, and actual contracting projects.

Staples Construction

1501 Eastman Avenue, Ventura, CA 93003

Lexus, Hampton Inn, and Marriot—these are just some of the big brand names that Staples Construction has handled. For over 25 years, the firm has completed over $600 million worth of projects, some reaching $50 million. Such productivity has resulted in over 400 million square feet of construction projects across various sectors, including commercial, industrial, transportation, and retail. Specializing in pre-construction and project management, the company has earned a spot in ENR Top 100 California Contractors.

Staples Construction has worked in many places, from California, Illinois, West Virginia, and Maryland. However, most of its projects have been in Ventura County. One of these projects is the Ventura Beach Marriott project. The firm renovated this hotel’s interior and exterior, including roofline modification, skylights installation, and landscape modifications. With top-notch project management, the contractor completed the construction while the hotel was operating—all without repercussions to the budget and schedule.

Apex General Contractors Inc.

1250 N. Olive Street #A, Ventura, CA 93001

The owner of Apex General Contractors, Kelly Michon, is a resident of Ventura who genuinely cares for the community. Inspired by his father, a licensed electrician, Michon dedicated his years in Ventura to learning the ins and outs of construction, whether ground-up or remodels. His hands-on skills include wood framing, steel studs, T-bar, and custom finish framing. With years of honing in his skills, Michon eventually established Apex General Contractors, ready to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship for all of his projects.

One of Apex General Contractors’ market specializations is the medical sector. Michon and his team helped reopen the Santa Paula Hospital in Ventura, a facility that was previously closed for years. Today, Michon and his team continue to specialize in restoring and upgrading medical facilities while also handling building codes and environmental regulations.

McGillivray Construction

3140 Loma Vista, Ventura, CA 93003

McGillivray Construction has completed 772 projects in 34 years, with a total of $950 million worth of construction projects to date. With a vast record of success, both local and national clients reach out to McGillivray Construction for their contractor needs. 

Over the years, the firm has contributed many significant structures in Ventura alone. For example, this sought-after general contractor has completed a studio arts building, a water treatment facility, a sports complex, retail centers, and medical facilities. Ventura Cancer Center is one of the many successful complexes. For this project, McGillivray Construction completed the site demolition, planning and building on time before the expected opening.

NU-Line Partners Inc.

3715 Telegraph Rd., Ventura, CA 93003

To thrive in a fast and ever-changing commercial industry, a commercial contractor needs to be innovative and creative. This mindset shapes the projects of NU-Line Partners—modern, unique, and trendsetting. To ensure such structures, the company offers vast construction services from design to construction to closeout. 

Take, for example, the 1040 Flynn Camarillo, pictured in this article. This commercial office building stands out in Ventura County because of its modern brutalist design. Outside, the structure stuns with its radial shape and monolithic concrete. Inside, the interiors feature metal stud walls, steel frames, storefront systems, and glazing. This 22,000-square-foot development was constructed with a concrete tilt-up method.

Livingston Construction

2186 Eastman Ave. Unit 108, Ventura, CA 93003

For Livingston Construction, a great commercial contractor creates excellent builds by being an excellent construction manager. When working with the firm, clients can expect a comprehensive project schedule, estimates, and critical path charts. The firm will keep track of all details down to the minutest detail. As the firm prioritizes Ventura County, its portfolio is full of projects in the area. Some of them include work on Ventura Land Management and the remodeling of the Fox Jewelry Store. In addition, the firm is behind the restoration of a historical landmark, the Watermark on Main. The project, pictured here, was featured in Ventura Life Magazine.

CFM Builders

1686 Lirio Ave., Ventura, CA 93007

CFM Builders is a go-to firm when it comes to pre-engineered metal buildings. As its specialty, clients can expect the highest quality in the supply and installation of pre-engineered metal buildings and the repair or remodel of existing ones. In addition, the contractor takes care of the building design, including the permitting, concrete, interior, plumbing, and electrical needs.

Since 1983, CFM Builders has ventured well into various sectors: agriculture, transportation, commercial, retail, government, warehouse, distribution, and churches. This certified Micro Small Business is also versatile enough to work on large to small-scale projects. For example, the firm has completed huge warehouses like Driscoll’s Berries in Oxnard to modest barns and gardens in Camarillo.

Bodagger Builders

1686 Lirio Ave., Ventura, CA 93004

A seasoned general contractor for 25 years, Bodagger Builders provides specialized general contracting services in Ventura County. These services include commercial renovation, tenant improvement, commercial build-out, structural retrofitting, and office remodeling. 

In terms of commercial renovation, Bodagger Builders understands that as a contractor, it must also point out the space needed for the renovation and determine whether the right solution is an expansion or new construction. In addition, the firms deal with circumstances that can affect the building’s systems, including the plumbing, electrical, and cooling systems. Pictured here is an example of the firm’s unique commercial renovation of a zoo enclosure for a lion. This project includes installing underground stormwater drain lines and lighting and resistance slab heating in the lion’s sleeping space.

John Donaldson Construction, Inc.

2472 Eastman Ave. Suite #32, Ventura, CA 93003

A commercial contractor through and through, John Donaldson Construction has been building commercial projects for four decades. Today, the firm has expanded to building in 43 states nationwide. With a forte in commercial and industrial projects, the firm has offered a vast scope of services, including minor tenant improvements, ground-up buildings, and design-build services.

What sets John Donaldson Construction apart is its status as an authorized builder for Star Building Systems. Building a Star structure means strict compliance to all requirements, such as unique local building codes. And since Star Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom-designed metal building systems, clients can be certain that John Donaldson Construction will build solid, custom buildings for your unique commercial needs.