Cleveland is the perfect place for those who wish to live by the water at an affordable price. Historically divided into east and west by the Cuyahoga River, the city has plenty of properties surrounded by stunning waterfront views. Many are loving lakeside living by Lake Erie, Cleveland’s great lake offering different kinds of water adventures. As many are enticed to experience living in this city, Cleveland becomes more and more culturally diverse. From the Slavic Village to Asiatown, the city has spots offering more than the usual Midwest experience. 

To offer more living spaces for those moving to Cleveland, apartments, condominiums and other multifamily residential buildings are sprouting in the city. Designing apartments that make the most of Cleveland’s picturesque water and city views are these outstanding architects below. These architects were hand picked for their proven bodies of work. Moreover, they have been recognized by many award-giving bodies and publications, proving their excellence in the industry. 

Bialosky Cleveland

6555 Carnegie Ave. Suite 200, Cleveland, OH 44103

Established in 1951, Bialosky Cleveland is the oldest firm on this list. Running for over 70 years, it is a multidisciplinary design firm that values hard work, imagination, and curiosity. These qualities are seen in every one of its team members which is made up of architects, interior and graphic designers, engineers, and strategists. Based in Cleveland, the firm is recognized by its peers, the press, and different organizations for its outstanding body of work. Properties Magazine, Cleveland Magazine, and SMPS are some of the publications that have featured the firm. 

One of the firm’s award-winning projects is the Mueller Lofts. Bagging two awards including the Outstanding Adaptive Reuse Award from the Cleveland Restoration Society, the project is an expansion of the historic Mueller Electric Company Factory. Originally constructed in 1922, the new building features large windows and skylights, opening and brightening up the entire structure. On the exterior facade, red bricks have been retained as a reminder of the building’s history.  At the complex’s core, a Japanese-inspired garden/social area was built as a nod to the neighborhood’s Asian heritage. All of these were done in compliance with the Enterprise Green Community Standards. The firm has expertly handled this project, producing a structure that pays respect to history and the environment. 

Leading the firm in its top industry standing is senior principal Jack Bialosky Jr. He is a member of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA), and a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional. He is a proud alumnus of Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania. In 2020, he received a Gold medal from AIA Ohio, the highest honor given by the organization. 

Dimit Architects

14414 Detroit Ave. #306, Cleveland, OH 44107

Dimit Architects has made an indelible mark within 17 years in the industry. Founded in 2004, it has become a prominent firm known for its contribution to Greater Cleveland. Over the years, the firm has designed remarkable residential and commercial spaces in the city. Its expertise covers multifamily and single-family residential projects as well as urban design, master planning, and historic renovations. For its brilliant designs, it has achieved several recognitions including the 2018 People’s Choice Award from the AIA Cleveland Design. Publications like the Interior Design Magazine and Properties Magazine have featured the firm multiple times. 

One of the firm’s well-recognized projects is the Flats East Banks Apartments. Facing the Cuyahoga River, this stunning waterfront structure is now one of downtown Cleveland’s landmarks. Tourists and residents alike can feast their eyes as the towering modern building lights up at night and brightens up the waterfront. Designed with restaurant, retail, and entertainment spaces on the ground level, residents and visitors get to enjoy dining and shopping within the apartment building. Because of its impressive design, this building doubles as an attraction for Cleveland visitors and home to its unit owners. 

Dimit Architects is founded by partners Scott Miles Dimit and Analía Nanni Dimit. With a shared belief in designing structures that preserve history and the environment, the two work together to keep the firm’s integrity intact. Scott Miles Dimit is a Magna Cum Laude in Virginia Polytechnic and State University, with more than 34 years of experience in the field. Analía Nanni Dimit is an expert in architecture and urban design with a degree from the La Plata National University. 

LDA Architects

5000 Euclid Ave. Suite #104, Cleveland, OH 44103

Based in Cleveland, LDA Architects’ status in the industry is built by its multi-skilled members. Working on different tasks such as construction administration, design, and project management, the firm’s talented staff is a huge contributor to the firm’s success for over two decades. Established in 1995, the firm is a master in urban redevelopment, residential, and commercial projects. It is an expert in historic preservation, renovation, and adaptive reuse as well. Because of its wide range of expertise, the firm has received many awards and features. It has graced Billboard and Properties Magazine and is a 2017 Weatherhead 100 Award Winner. 

With a diverse client base, LDA Architects has handled several multifamily projects. This includes the La Collina Apartments in Little Italy, Cleveland. This luxury apartment building has five floors housing 32 modern units and retail spaces. Parking has been incorporated into the design to provide convenience for its residents. With a total square footage of 77,900, the building is designed using sustainable practices, helping it achieve a LEED Silver Certification. For creating a structure that improves the University Circle neighborhood, the firm has received the 2020 Building the Circle Award. 

Over the years, the firm has produced smart designs thanks to its staff of architects, interior and landscape designers, and historic preservation specialists. This staff is guided by founder and company president Dominick Durante, Jr. Durante is a member of the AIA and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). He uses three decades of professional experience to keep the firm ahead of the game. Durante is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. 

RDL Architects

16102 Chagrin Blvd., Shaker Heights, OH 44120

RDL Architects’ goal is to design positive environments. Its desire is to help people build communities that foster an enjoyable living and working environment. This goal serves as the firm’s guide to producing outstanding projects in 35 states all over the country. The firm is an expert in providing architecture services for market-rate, senior living, and affordable housing. It is an expert in mixed-use developments as well. For its excellent performance, it has received several awards including the Silver Key Award from the Northern Ohio Apartment Association. Housing Finance has featured the firm multiple times. It has graced PR Newswire, Shaker Life Magazine, and Ohio Business Magazine as well. 

In the Hessler 113 Townhomes project, the firm has positively created an impact in a historic community built in the 1900s. The firm has successfully restored the building’s original detailing in its exterior facade, trim work, front porch, doors and windows. Inside, the firm has created a better flow by redesigning the townhomes with open floor plans. Energy-efficient appliances, fixtures, and finishes have been added to provide a better living experience for residents while minimizing harm to the environment. For using sustainable methods in restoring an important piece of history, the firm has earned the Cleveland Choice Awards’ Best Historic Renovation and Enterprise Green Communities (EGC) Certification. 

Heading the team in designing its positive environments is David Parrish, RA, LEED AP+C. Parrish has over 30 years of industry experience specializing in different kinds of projects including mixed-use, retail, multi-family, and hospitality projects. He is a proud alumnus of Kent State University. 

City Architecture

12205 Larchmere Blvd., Cleveland, OH 44120

Established in 1989, City Architecture combines architecture, planning, and design to transform spaces. Their team’s mission is to design spaces and places that complement their surroundings, add to a city’s vitality, and reflect their clients’ values.

City Architecture’s work transcends planning and architecture, and the space they create extends beyond the physical places the firm is entrusted to design. They seek to influence policies and decision-making processes to develop communities that truly serve the people they represent. They are committed to Create Space with Purpose to elevate the people-places that promote a sense of community.

City Architecture recently completed 121 Larchmere, a new four-story building that has added 88 apartments and their own new office space to Cleveland’s Larchmere neighborhood. Situated in the Buckeye Woodhill neighborhood, this development repositions vacant property while bringing new residents, investment and an active ground floor fronting Larchmere Boulevard.

Residential amenities include modern finishes, a fitness room, first floor conference rooms and coffee bar, and fourth floor lounge with views of Downtown Cleveland. The building is also in close proximity to Shaker Square and access to the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s Blue and Green Rapid Lines.

City Architecture worked closely with First Interstate Properties to develop the building and their new office in a way that reflects the firm’s core values – Connect, Champion, Endure and Lead by Design. 121 Larchmere is more than the creation of a new space for City Architecture; it’s about investing in the City of Cleveland and investing in a neighborhood. It’s about making a real commitment to the City in which the firm has worked for over three decades.

Architecture Office

5401 Hamilton Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114

Founded in 2015, Architecture Office is the youngest firm on the list. Within six years, the firm has quickly made a great impression in the industry. In 2019, the firm earned the Emerging Professional Award from AIA Cleveland. Its immediate success in the industry is attributed to its passion for contemporary architecture. While using modern practices, the firm keeps traditional values such as integrity, efficiency, and craftsmanship intact. The firm stays on the right track by approaching each project with clear spatial intent. For the firm, style goes together with function. Under this approach, the firm creates works of art that are both contemporary and timeless. 

One of the firm’s unique designs is The Veronika. Located in Lakewood, this 7,500-square-foot mixed-use building houses six residential units and two retail units. Needing a historic renovation, Architecture Office dug up old photographs of the building and learned about its original state before beginning any work. After careful research, the firm restored the building’s original details including its old window frames and original glazed brick facade. Each apartment has been carefully and expertly renovated to fit modern fixtures and appliances while keeping the building’s original wood floors. With a total budget of $850,000, the firm has created a mixed-use building that has a glimpse of a contemporary look and a lot of the character from the past. Moreover, the project was completed with the local general contractor and developer Scalish Construction, led by Frank Scalish.

Guiding the firm to leave its mark in the industry is founder and principal Adam Rosekelly, AIA. Rosekelly finished his master’s degree at the University of Michigan. With over 15 years of industry experience, Rosekelly has pursued architecture and design as an adjunct professor at Kent State University and as an artist-in-residence at the Cleveland non-profit Progressive Arts Alliance. 

ADA Architects

17710 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, OH 44107

In the industry for over 47 years, ADA Architects is a multi-disciplinary firm with projects throughout the United States. Its wide range of specialization includes urban residential architecture, as well as commercial and educational architecture. Since 1974, the firm has built many condominiums and shopping centers for different developers and retailers all over the country. It is trusted by many because of its effective solutions to design and planning challenges. Whether it be regarding contract administration or project specifications, the firm stays on top of each aspect of the construction process. Maintaining licenses in several states in the United States means the firm is ready to provide exceptional services to clients in any location within the country. 

Over the last four decades, the firm has received much recognition and several features such as Properties Magazine twice. With expertise in multifamily projects, the firm has gained the 2009 Housing Award of Excellence in Senior Housing from the Ohio Capital Corporation. Keeping the firm as one of Cleveland’s industry leaders is Kurt Schmitz. Schmitz is an alumnus of Kent State University with over 31 years of experience in the industry.