Livermore is a city of intriguing contrasts: a nationally recognized historic downtown and two national science laboratories, Livermore and Sandia. The city is busy preserving its historic buildings while revitalizing the city’s economic and cultural life through cultural districts, shopping centers, and entertainment areas. Situated in the oldest wine region in California, Livermore has a mix of traditional and contemporary influences. Livermore cherishes its history but invites change and revitalization in its built environment. 

The best commercial contractors in Livermore offer a wide scope of services suited to both classic and contemporary businesses. These firms are able to adapt to the client’s needs while pursuing a straightforward construction plan. These contractors also have the important feature of offering cost-effective solutions, from designs to material selections. This improves efficiency within the project and allows business clients to make long-term improvements while keeping costs down. It can be a challenge to find the best contractors, so the editors created this list of the top seven commercial contractors, looking into each firm’s portfolio, experience, and process. 

Big-D Construction

6210 Stoneridge Mall Rd. #460, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Big-D Construction is the firm that built the The Bay Area Commerce Center – Brisa project (see photo). This commerce center is a light manufacturing, biotech, laboratory, food production, industrial, and warehouse facility. The facility includes 32-foot interior ceilings, 18 dock-high and two grade-level loading doors, and a 136-foot truck court with 60-foot concrete apron. A notable detail about this project is that it is one of the largest free-standing buildings in the greater tri-state area. 

The Commerce Center is one of many commercial projects the firm has tackled through the years. Its five decades in the industry have led to numerous partnerships and relationships with professionals in the business. With engineers, subcontractors, and designers, the Big-D Construction team has built a consistent formula, involving all parties in the process in order to deliver consistent outputs. With this process, the firm has amassed a diverse clientele, including many repeat clients. The firm’s work has attracted a number of awards, including 2021 Industrial Development of the Year, 2021 Best of State Commercial Construction, and 2021 General Contractor Project of the Year.  

W.L. Butler

5666 La Ribera St. Suite A, Livermore, CA 94550

W.L. Butler is the contractor behind the two-phase renovation and expansion of the Round Hill Country Club (shown). One of the renovation’s goals was to bring in more natural light. The club received a new outdoor trellis, and the covered pavilion was given a large skylight measuring 8 by 16 feet. Phase one of the project included expanding the building’s footprint for a more extensive Pro Shop and Men’s Locker Room/Lounge. New finishes, flooring, lighting, and custom wood are some of the updates in areas such as the fairway lounge, sports cellar, exercise rooms, and conference rooms. Phase two included the use of veneer stone to provide a “base” to the property, with decorative iron railings to enhance the entrance. 

The company brings 46 years of experience to its projects. Since William Butler founded the firm in 1975, the firm has grown from a small construction team to a midsized company with over 200 team members. Today, it has a clientele that includes well-known brands such as Samsung, Costco, Whole Foods, Charles Schwab, and Target. 

Shames Construction

5826 Brisa St., Livermore, CA 94550

Barry Shames established Shames Construction in 1987. A few years into the business, Carolyn Shames took over the company. The team started out tackling retail interior projects but has since expanded to large, ground-up retail developments and other commercial projects. Under the leadership of Carolyn, Shames Construction has developed a process that balances creative solutions and practical design methods to enhance the project’s finish. Its extensive team of managers and coordinators ensures these methodologies are applied appropriately, leading to projects of consistent quality delivered in a timely manner. 

A project that resulted from this approach is this 136,049-square-foot Home Depot in Monterey Park, California. Stone veneer and wood-paneled accents cover the building’s façade, while polished concrete flooring is used for most of the interior. A three-story glass entry tower, rising up from the roof line, is a focal point of the building’s façade. Projects like these have been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Inc Magazine, and Commercial Construction & Renovation Magazine.

Proforma Construction

4439 Stoneridge Dr. Suite 220, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Proforma Construction is a licensed contractor with over three decades of experience. Based in Northern California, the Proforma team provides preconstruction, design-build, and bid-build construction services for various markets. These range from industrial, commercial, retail, and specialized projects such as facilities and warehouses. The firm’s primary goal is to provide its clients with a solid groundwork. An established plan for the project’s scope allows a thorough collaboration between the client and firm. This leads to consistent quality in the finished project. This approach also facilitates relationships and partnerships with many clients, enhancing the firm’s reputation. A result of this approach is the completed Robek’s Juice Livermore Valley Plaza. A functional floor plan provides ample seating for customers along with plenty of space for modern equipment. 

Morgenroth Development

157 W. Angela St. #1, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Under the leadership of Jim Morgenroth, Morgenroth Development has become a multifaceted licensed contractor, offering a broad scope of services. Its team of experienced professionals employ methodologies that lead to consistent results. With its growing list of repeat clients, the firm continues to enhance its reputation for quality work. 

Shown in the photo is the EDGE at The Studio project, featuring a state-of-the-art gym. The gym’s floor plan is organized to accommodate modern fitness equipment. An efficient ventilation system was a necessary aspect of this project to provide clients with a comfortable environment and  to keep them safe from overheating during their workouts. 

LRC: La Roza Construction

6748 Preston Ave. Suite C, Livermore, CA 94551

La Roza Construction (LRC) has been in the industry for over two decades. Throughout that time, LRC has focused on three aspects: quality craftsmanship, creating long-term relationships, and consistent customer service. Its team of managers, construction crew, and engineering partners have delivered numerous projects in various sectors from small-scale projects to new ground-up construction. 

A result of their process is the InFocus Safety project. The project’s scope features new glass offices below the mezzanine with new LED lighting and an HVAC system that includes rigid ducting and new flooring. Other details of this project include custom-built stairs, a railing system, and wood cladding. 

G&G Builders Inc.

4542 Contractors Place, Livermore, CA 94551

For more than two decades, G&G Builders Inc. has consisted of a small team offering personalized services to each client. The process the firm applies is a straightforward approach of focusing on quality, communication, and simplicity. Its portfolio showcases a broad range of projects from commercial tenant revisions, prefabricated structures, and recreational establishments such as parks and playgrounds. The team is also ready to tackle smaller-scale projects such as retail stores. 

The project shown is one of the firm’s retail projects, a shop for the Golden State Warriors. Efficiency was a significant factor in this project. Despite the limited floor plan, the firm was able to accommodate sufficient display equipment. The result is a functional space that is convenient for customers and allows employees to work efficiently.