Carrollton is known as a business-friendly city. Businesses in the city are thriving as more people move there to take advantage of the city’s fast development. Some industries that have chosen the city as its home are the manufacturing, real estate, wholesale trades, and finance sectors. Attracting these industries is the city’s excellent location at the heart of the Dallas-Fortworth area. More residents mean better business; Carrollton has a healthy population as one of America’s best places to move to, according to Forbes magazine. 

Helping businesses in Carrollton establish efficient commercial spaces are some of the best architects in the region. This list includes seven outstanding firms specializing in architecture, planning, and design services, all of which have been in the industry from one to seven decades. These firms have built a strong portfolio and have managed different types of projects, including commercial, industrial, healthcare, and multifamily.

GSR Andrade Architects, Inc.

4121 Commerce St. # 1, Dallas, TX 75226

Based in Dallas, GSR Andrade Architects is an award-winning firm with a goal to create functional, inspiring spaces. It achieves this by combining art and science in every architecture service it provides. The firm’s team carefully evaluates the needs of a specific project and explores every possible solution. By exhausting all possible ideas, the driven, passionate team picks the most unique and appropriate solution for a project. Established in 2001, this kind of passion and dedication has benefitted clients in Dallas Metroplex and North Texas. 

One of the firm’s award-winning works is the North Texas Food Bank. This project has earned two awards, one of which is the Tilt-Up Achievement Award 2020 from the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. This award showcases the firm’s intelligent use of the latest industry technology to create a unique structure. Showcasing its ability to handle large projects, the firm has helped design the facility’s  36,000-square-foot office, a 200,000-square-foot warehouse, and a community garden. The firm’s excellent management and design have produced a warm space that welcomes volunteers and the community, as it facilitates smooth day-to-day operations of the organization. 

Behind the firm’s outstanding outputs is Fernando Andrade, the firm’s president and CEO. Andrade is a member of the American Institute of Architects and graduated with a master’s degree at Texas A&M University.

Wright Group Architects-Planners

1430 S. Broadway St., Carrollton, TX 75006

Founded in 1998, Wright Group Architects-Planners believes that architecture is a result of client-architect interaction. For the firm, an excellent design must first come from understanding the client’s goals and objectives. This understanding is achieved through careful planning between the architect and the client. During the planning process, the feasibility and practicality of a project is determined. A perfect design is then conceptualized to fit the client’s needs and personality. The firm’s designs consider functionality as well as the client’s budget. The firm leans towards timeless designs that suit a project’s natural setting. 

A Carrollton-based firm, Wright Group Architects-Planners has completed several projects for the commercial, hospitality, and retail sectors. Included in its impressive portfolio is the renovation of an existing facility into its corporate office. In this project, the firm expanded the property by removing the fueling canopy, adding space to the front of the building, and extending the back of the building. The renovation brought the building up to current building codes and zoning codes. New detailing was added over continuous exterior insulation, improving the energy efficiency of the designed environmental systems. 

For over twenty-four years, the firm has helped businesses achieve success through well-planned design. These designs are created by the firm’s talented staff headed by principals Terrance J. Wright, Ronald A. Marrs, and Christopher Q. A. Marrs. All AIA members, each give significant contributions to the firm’s success. Terrance J. Wright serves as the principal-in-charge with thirty years of experience in the industry. Ronald Marrs has over fifty years of experience in architecture and construction management. Christopher Q.A. Marrs serves as the firm’s design lead architect and project manager with over twenty-five years of industry experience.

LŌEB Architects, LLC

1705 Brookview Dr., Carrollton, TX 75007 

Another Carrollton-based company, LŌEB Architects is well-recognized firm Zelma M. Loeb. Loeb is a member of NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) and recipient of AIA’s President’s Award for Service. Her professional certifications include the Minority and Women Business Enterprise and the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency. Loeb is an alum of the University of Detroit Mercy architecture program. Her leadership has raised the bar among competitors. Specializing in designs for the senior healthcare industry, Loeb has helped influence architecture and architectural services offered in Dallas Metroplex and North Texas. Loeb has also worked for projects in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Florida. 

Under Loeb’s leadership, the firm has caught the attention of the press including the Dallas/Fort Worth Construction News and Mcknight’s Long Term Care Magazine. These features focus on the firm’s contribution to pioneering designs related to nursing homes and senior healthcare. These awards show what LŌEB Architects is all about. Established in 1997, the firm utilizes its design talent and skills to set new trends in architecture and help develop other sectors.

GPF Architects

549 E. Sandy Lake Rd., Suite 100 Coppell, TX 75019

Founded in 2011, GPF Architects have accomplished multiple projects for different sectors within a decade. It has completed several projects for the commercial, hospitality, and retail sectors. It is an expert in medical facilities, offices, as well as industrial and warehouse facilities. One of its projects is the Carrollton Warehouses. In this project, the firm provided architectural services for a 67,000-square-foot warehouse complex. The three-building facility is built using tilt concrete panels, producing a durable structure that proves both functional and visually pleasing. 

Over the last ten years, the firm has focused on meeting clients’ design goals. Included in meeting these goals are completing projects on time and within budget. With a customer-oriented approach, the firm recognizes its clients’ importance in its success. The firm wants to deliver the best customer experience to build long-lasting relationships with their most valuable business partners: its clients. Pushing this client-centric approach is Gregory Frnka, AIA, founder and president of the firm. Frnka is an alum of the University of Texas at Arlington with a master’s degree.

TGS Architects

825 Watters Creek Blvd., Bldg M Suite 345, Allen, TX 75013

Serving clients since 1981, TGS Architects looks into the future. In business for over four decades, the firm has utilized the aid of modern technology to visualize one-of-a-kind exterior and interior designs. Its forward-thinking approach is led by its principals. The firm’s principals offer a hands-on approach, managing with each project to ensure unparalleled customer service. With the firm’s principals on top of each project, clients are assured that the project is finished within the allotted budget and schedule. 

Over the years, TGS Architects has managed various projects in different sectors. It has helped design and build banks, churches, offices, and retail spaces in Texas and throughout the United States and the world. It has also offered its services for a retail center in Tokyo, Japan, one of the most advanced cities in the world. In Texas, the firm helped create the Tetra Pak Headquarters. This modern, sleek headquarters clearly represents the Tetra Pak brand. Using clean lines, white walls, and white light fixtures, the facility feels clean and safe, much like what the Tetra Pak brand seeks to showcase.

Azimuth : architecture, Inc.

501 S. 2nd Ave., Bldg C, Dallas, TX 75226

Founded in 1995, Azimuth: architecture, Inc.’s secret to success is the mixture of modern and traditional. Upholding traditional values that have guided it since its inception, the firm applies current innovations to provide design solutions. Since the beginning, the firm has been guided by accountability, enthusiasm, and value. These principles are applied by its skilled professionals in every project they handle. These professionals keep up with the current trends to formulate new ideas that effectively overcome project challenges. With the use of traditional, time-tested methods as well as modern technology, the firm guarantees customer satisfaction. 

In the commercial sector, Azimuth: architecture, Inc. is experienced in managing industrial, office, and healthcare projects. It has offered master planning, architecture, and interior design services to a wide range of institutions. Whether it be a corporate office, a warehouse, or a research facility, the firm has effectively handled these projects. In Carrollton, one of its biggest projects is the Luna Road Distribution Centers II, III, & IV. With a total size of 1.02 million square feet, the firm has provided master planning services for the industrial park. Using smart planning and design, the firm utilized the space to its full potential. Its clients deem the project successful after seeing how the facility performed smoothly in the market. 

The firm’s excellent performance in the industry is guided by Mike Williams, AIA. Williams is a proud alum of Texas Tech University.