Known as America’s hub for high-tech innovations, Silicon Valley has wowed by creating many of the technologies that drive the world today. At the heart of this technological revolution is San Jose, dubbed the Capital of Silicon Valley. Home to major tech companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Samsung,  and Acer,  it has quickly established itself as the economic powerhouse of California. 

San Jose’s considerable caché has pulled in people from all across the country, making it the most populous community in the Bay Area despite the city’s high cost of living. San Jose has easily become a Mecca for bright minds and affluent businessmen who have come together to bring the future to the present.

With new start-ups opening their doors and big companies continuing to expand, industrial contractors have played a part in shaping San Jose. Listed below are five of these firms that have blown away our editorial team with their accolades, their services, and their impressive clientele.

Overaa Construction

2380 Qume Drive, Suite A, San Jose, CA 95131

When an 8.2 magnitude earthquake shook the Bay Area back in 1906, one builder helped the state rise from the rubble. Overaa Construction is not just your typical industrial contractor, it is a local hero. Serving California since 1907, it has become famous by rebuilding San Francisco and the awards it earned for doing so. The firm has been recognized by ENR, the San Francisco Business Times, and the Silicon Valley Business Journal as one of the largest, best-performing contractors in the country.

Now a fourth-generation family-owned business, CEO Jerry Overra carries on the family legacy as he oversees all of the company’s projects. Jerry has professional training in civil and construction engineering, which shines through in the firm’s industrial projects. His talent has been recognized by a number of prestigious contractor associations.

Overaa Construction’s design-build services include world-class residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial construction. The firm also has its own LEED-certified green team that ensures that the company operates in an eco-friendly manner. Amassing numerous awards for its projects, the team has been contracted by revered institutions such as NASA, Chevron, UPS, and FedEx.

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

3975 Freedom Circle, Suite 950, Santa Clara, CA 95054

The Best Builder in America is not a title but an endless pursuit—that is the belief of McCarthy Building Companies. Even after a century in the business, the firm is still pursuing this goal, creating award-winning industrial and commercial properties across the United States. Ensuring quality regardless of what state your project is in, the different branches of this firm have all been recognized by numerous award-giving bodies for their excellent service.

McCarthy Building Companies is in the business of making its clients’ businesses a success. It works towards creating buildings that have the function and safety that is expected of an industrial facility. The ACG even recognized the company as the safest large contractor in the country. Rather than treating sustainable architecture as an add-on or a separate service, the firm incorporates energy-efficient and recycled materials in every project.

This constant pursuit of excellence has led the firm to employ the latest architectural innovations and even won the 2020 Innovator of the Year award. The company has worked with many prolific names including AT&T, the California Department of Corrections, Center Oil Company, and Kaiser.

The McCarthy family founded the firm back in 1864. Today, the company is a multi-million employee-owned empire. Current Chairman Mike Bollen is the first non-McCarthy employee to lead the business, renowned for his professional background in general engineering. Under his guidance, the company has been welcomed as a member by the Associated Builders and Contractors.

Iron Construction

1955 The Alameda San Jose, CA 95126

Wanting to build the foundation for the innovations of tomorrow, Iron Construction has completed over 2000 industrial projects around the Bay Area. The company specializes in tenements, life science, and high-tech manufacturing buildings. Knowing how integral one’s space is to the workflow, the company pays special attention to the client’s requirements to ensure that the facility is geared towards productivity.

With industrial buildings earning a bad rap for their impact on the environment, Iron Construction aims to remove that stigma by constructing eco-friendly spaces. Its efforts have been recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council, Sunnyvale City, and California. It has also gained a high rating for its energy efficiency from Energy Star and a “Water Saving Hero” Honorable Mention from the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Aside from having three decades worth of experience as a contractor, President Dave Edgar has an educational background in biology. He employs his science background in efficiently creating industrial facilities. The CREW Silicon Valley, the Silicon Valley Chapter, and ISPE have recognized the firm and welcomed Dave into their ranks.

MAI Construction, Inc.

50 Bonaventura Drive, San Jose, CA 95134

With a diverse client base, MAI Construction has learned to approach commercial general contracting work with a customer-specific approach. With each workforce having its own unique requirements for productivity, and a heavy emphasis on life science, the firm creates custom-tailored spaces that cater to these needs. This approach has yielded an 85% repeat business rate.

Since 1973, MAI Construction has been delivering quality projects across the greater Bay Area. While it offers services for any Industrial and Institutional buildings, it specializes in life science, offices, technology, and education facilities. It has been contracted by household brands like Cisco, Google, Roche, and Abbott.

Image of Pivot Bio

The company is affiliated with many real estate and trade associations, such as CoreNet NorCal, BOMA International, IFMA, ISPE, I2SL, and the Lean Construction Institute. President Mike Mairose is heavily involved with not only the industry but also with the community. The firm actively donates to and works with charities such as Second Harvest Food Bank, the Crayon Initiative, Troops Direct, and more.

Hillhouse Commercial Construction

140 Charcot Avenue San Jose, CA 95131

For Hillhouse Commercial Construction, the health of its clients is just as important as their productivity. Serving San Jose and its surrounding areas, the company has helped build numerous industrial and commercial spaces. With businesses in both sectors gaining a reputation for poor work conditions, the firm has started to build “healthy buildings” that aim to remove that stigma.

Creating properties designed around the building’s environment, the company’s design maximizes indoor air quality, natural lighting, and thermal comfort. Not only do the builds cater to the workforce but also the environment, earning recognitions from the Business Environmental Awards, CoreNet Global, USGBC, and ASHRAE. The company is known for building the first Zero Net Energy offices in the country. Hillhouse also uses eco-friendly and water-saving building materials in all of its builds.

This drive to provide healthy workspaces for the client and the environment stems from President Ken Huesby’s leadership. Since opening its doors in 1987 the firm has established itself as an industry figure. It’s a member of IFMA, CEA, SPUR, CREW Silicon Valley, AGC California, and Northern California Carpenters. Its quality service and safe work environment have also earned distinctions from Pentarisk Insurance Services, AIA, The San Francisco Business Times, and The Silicon Valley Business Journal.