The Town of North Hempstead is home to traditional architecture and establishments. Outdoor parks and ponds are present throughout the town, accentuating the location’s classic environment. Many of the residences in the area have various styles ranging from vintage designed homes to more modern houses. Whichever case it may be, the best general contractors in the Town of North Hempstead provide an array of services that aim to improve the appeal and functionality of many homes. These would include updated furnishing, new materials, and updated designs, resulting in a revamped home.

We curated this list of the top five general contractors in the area, looking into the firm’s complexity, portfolio, and the years of experience they have.


141 Port Washington, NY 11050

Homeredi has a decade of being in the business under the leadership of Gerard Zohouri. The firm has completed numerous renovation projects, implementing a fast-track process geared towards providing a quick and efficient project plan. Consistency is a significant aspect the Homeredi team aims for in all its projects while maintaining its integrity to deliver projects that are within budget and schedule. A result of its fast track process is this basement project featuring numerous amenities, including a pool table, foosball table, and a workout area. The entire space caters to hosting gatherings and, at the same time, provide a private room for the homeowners to relax. Aside from the activities within the basement, the structural design is straightforward and refined with mahogany flooring and a combination of white columns, and a jet-black wall by the stairs. The result is a modern basement area, ideal for gatherings and private use. 

Detail Renovations

615 Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck, NY 11023

Detail Renovations’ foundation for its process lies in proper communication, resulting in a thorough collaboration with each member of the project. These would include the firm, architects, and designers that aim to provide the client with an accurate finished product that the client visualized. The efforts in each stage of the project involve intricate detailing and deep analysis in each phase of construction, resulting in the diverse portfolio it possesses today. A result of this collaborative process is this living space pictured below in a townhouse in New York City. The goal was to build a chic and stylish space by providing luxury furnishing, new coat painting, custom millwork, and custom closets and storage space. Wooden vinyl flooring and white walls surround the living room, along with a bevy of furniture ranging from a bright orange chair to a classic beige-colored couch. Ample lighting is also present within the living area, creating a vibrant atmosphere. The project was in partnership with AJS Design, offering new ideas and concepts utilized in this project.

Reyes Brothers Remodeling and Design LLC

P.O. Box 64, Port Washington, NY 11050

Reyes Brothers Remodeling & Design LLC has been in the business since 2013, offering deep home remodeling services and interior design. Owners Chris and Julia have an extensive background in the industry, learning to tailor its services to each client setting up a personalized space. The firm understands the need for a customized space that radiates the client’s lifestyle, preferences, and vision to further enhance the area’s appeal. This leads to a comfortable, functional, and efficient room, allowing the homeowner to enjoy their space and maximize the room around them.  

Pictured is a home built in the 1950s, receiving a major remodeling of its floor plan. The firm took down several walls and added a French door to brighten up the room. Along with this, the firm reconfigured the living space, allowing more space in the kitchen with a large island, counter space, and storage. It became an ideal area for gatherings and entertainment. The firm also worked on the office room, play room, and raised the roof on the second floor while expanding the floor plan. The result was an upgraded master suite along with the two bedrooms and guest bathroom.

Transitions Contracting Inc.

19304 Horace Harding, Manorhaven, NY 11365

For over two decades, Transitions Contracting Inc. continues to offer its complex list of construction services through numerous concepts and artistic designs. The team has transformed various home areas into a revamped, updated version that provides a better atmosphere and appeal. Aside from its remodeling projects, the group offers a plethora of services such as plumbing, roofing, electrical services, window replacement, painting, custom carpentry, and interior design. 

Pictured here is one of the firm’s most notable interior remodeling projects, incorporating a bedroom and kitchen into one large room. A unique setup, the floor plan was split in two, with one half being a fully functional kitchen with modern appliances while the other half is a full bedroom with a unique artwork hanging above. The room utilizes mahogany wood for the flooring and the majority of its furniture, resulting in a sophisticated appeal. A notable aspect of the room is the inclusion of a column full of plants that brightens up the room and adds more color with the abundance of mahogany and white furnishing.  

Precision Plus Home Remodelers Inc.

1A Manorhaven Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050

Offering a variety of home improvement services, Precision Plus Remodelers Inc. is a firm that can cater to numerous designed houses, resulting in personalized, custom floor plans. The team’s primary goal is to enhance the quality of the floor plan with a more functional, practical space that complements the client’s preferences. Its projects are present in numerous areas such as Westbury, Sands Point, Sea Cliff, and Jericho. 

Pictured is one of the kitchen remodeling projects the firm completed featuring a contemporary setup with tiled flooring, mahogany cabinetry, marble countertops, and modern appliances. It’s a compact kitchen with ample spacing resulting in a functional, efficient area. Its simple design results in a straightforward contemporary look with a basic structural layout offering a practical kitchen.