When the Gold Rush hit California in 1894, thousands of people embarked on a journey to San Leandro in hopes of making it big. This turned the city into a cultural melting pot and, in turn, one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the Bay Area. Steeped in its rich history and culture, its suburbs are now home to an eclectic mix of buildings featuring architecture styles from various eras and countries. During a stroll down the town, one can find modern commercial spaces standing right beside Italianate or Spanish revival buildings.

While the mining boom has long passed, the local government’s push to reinvigorate the city’s architecture has ushered in an equally thriving industry. Featuring both up-and-coming trailblazers and decade-old veterans, the city’s general contractors have helped in the preservation of San Leandro’s historical buildings and the modernization of its industrial area. Listed below are five of these contractors who stood out for their impressive work history and achievements.

Shaddle Construction

2483 Washington Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94577

Homeowners in the San Francisco Bay area have come to know Shaddle Construction as their go-to contractor for residential renovations. Founded in 1982, this company has stood the test of time by fostering a long-lasting relationship with its clientele, seeing to it that they treat every home as their own.  While the firm is experienced in remodeling various amenities, Shaddle specializes in kitchen and bathroom reconstruction. The firm also provides additional services to those looking to add more wiggle room to their homes. Jumping in on California’s recent push to become more eco-friendly, the contractor also offers its clients the option to install more energy-efficient appliances and recycled materials.

The company’s namesake and CEO, John Shaddle, is a veteran of the field. He served as the Vice President of the California Custom Builders for three years before founding Shaddle Construction. Under his guidance, the company works with a wide network of local architects and designers to spruce up homes around the Bay Area. As a GuildQuality-accredited company, Shaddle has worked with numerous public figures in California. One such project was a remodel of a 9,336-square-foot Tudor-style mansion owned by Otis Spunkmeyer founder Kenneth Rawlings.

Pellegrini Construction

2656 Nicholson St., San Leandro, CA 94577

Serving the Bay Area and its neighboring cities since 1984, Pellegrini Construction may be an industry veteran but its services are far from old-fashioned. Outside of its traditional construction and remodeling services, the company constantly evolves to accommodate the ever-changing needs of its customers. With the rise of rental office spaces also came thousands of business owners whose dreams of renovating are cut short by building restrictions. Wanting to solve this common problem, Pellegrini offers a commercial tenant improvement service that expertly works with set regulations to provide clients with the workspace they envisioned. Whether it is working on residential or commercial spaces, the contractor employs a unique “budget-informed” process to provide the best quality materials and services at the best price.

This family-owned business was founded by brothers Robert and Dave Storer. The pair have over 30 years of experience in the industry and were born into a family of craftsmen. They were raised by their grandfather, Aladino Pellegrini, who had taught them how to do household repairs. Carrying both their grandfather’s name and legacy, Pellegrini Construction has now grown into a bustling business responsible for projects around the Bay Area such as Vista Lane, Willows Commons, and C & H Enterprises headquarters among others.

Villatoro & M Construction

1433 146th Ave., San Leandro, CA 94578

Villatoro & M Construction has provided quality remodeling and building maintenance services for over two decades. At the helm of the firm’s operations is founder Victor Villatoro who has led the company in various projects across the Bay Area and the Tri-Valley Area. 

Establishing themselves as a trusted household name, Villatoro’s primary offering is its residential remodeling service. Unlike other firms that specialize in specific types of amenities, the firm’s skilled architects and builders can bring the most out of any room regardless of its function or size. For those looking to change up the look of their homes or commercial spaces, the company has an in-house painting crew that can liven up the facade of any client’s building. Staying up to date with the latest in material technology, the firm also provides roofing and waterproofing projects to provide buildings with the protection they need from the elements. It is this dedication to quality that has garnered Villatoro its well-deserved GuildQuality accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

LAR Construction & Remodeling

1900 Camden Ave. Suite #211, San Jose, CA 95124

Making it their mission to transform houses into homes, LAR Construction & Remodeling has done over 2,500 builds and renovations around the Bay Area. Sharon Rouimy founded the firm in 2001 to provide his daughter diagnosed with autism a better life. By extension, the company also aims to improve the lives of the families they work for, offering indoor and outdoor services to create their client’s ideal homes. 

Despite all of the clunky pipes and wires that come with bathroom and kitchen remodels, LAR Construction & Remodeling ensures that everything functions properly without sacrificing aesthetics. Families starting to outgrow their homes can also avail of the firm’s room addition projects. While most are intimidated by the cost and permits that come with additions, the company helps iron out these issues with its team of architects and designers. The firm also specializes in outdoor remodeling. Whether a house needs a patio makeover, a fresh coat of paint, or a change in roofing, this contractor can give any abode a much-needed facelift. Outside of their remodeling work, LAR also offers full builds to make their clients’ next homes as perfect as they can be.