Every building job requires the skill of a proficient general contractor. Residential properties, in particular, require solid workmanship from start to finish. Homeowners should do a deep dive into the construction arena to find one with an excellent reputation.

But we’ve done that work for you. To help with your selection, here’s a list of the best general contractors in Villa Park, California. These names stood out from a small field of viable candidates. Each has been carefully chosen: our editorial team considered these firms’ bodies of work, their industry backgrounds, and the quality of client feedback they received. Most of the firms have decades of experience in contracting, building, and remodeling. Most offer their services to residential and commercial clients alike.

Newland Construction Inc

428 S Montgomery Way, Orange, CA 92868

Newland Construction is a design-build contractor with quality projects across Orange County. The family-operated firm is led by brothers Terence and John Booth, who serve as president and vice president respectively. The practice, which started in 1982, is known for its craftsmanship and cost-effective services. Its ability to bring client’s ideas to life, coupled with its transparent work ethic, makes it one of the local favorites for home improvement projects.

To date, the firm has worked on custom homes, local additions, new home construction, and residential and general remodels. One notable project is the featured house remodel in Orange County. The large Craftsman residence features rustic exteriors, including brick sidings and a deep-brown roof. Wood is another prominent material, seen in the terrace railings and window and door frames. The tall structure pops amidst a sea of suburban homes, a striking beauty with timeless appeal.

Dream To Reality Remodeling Inc.

18401 Burbank Blvd., Unit 209, Tarzana, CA 91356

Dream to Reality Remodeling is highly-rated among residents of Southern California since 2017. As its name implies, the general contractor is well-versed in bringing client home visions to life. Owner David G. consistently juggles building and management with efficiency. Tight communication from start to finish also ensures that projects flow smoothly and finish on time and within budget.

The firm’s main services include new construction and remodeling. The firm specializes in kitchens, baths, landscaping, flooring, plumbing, and more. Green homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are also core aspects of the firm’s work.

The Irvine Home pictured is a project by Dreams to Reality. The single-story structure covers a spacious lot surrounded by brick-laden streets. The standard residence features cream-colored exteriors and white interiors, with hints of dark tones throughout. The quaint dwelling offers simple living conditions and modern conveniences to the owner.

John Padgett Design & Construction

1527 Virginia Road, Fullerton, CA 92831

John Padgett Design, Inc. is a Fullerton practice that specializes in functional spaces with personalized designs. The firm provides Southern California residents with tailor-made projects that serve the client’s lifestyle, preferences, and budget threshold. Several services include material consultation, budgeting, and project management.

Principal John Padgett has led the construction and design firm since 2005. He is known for his efficiency, his quality workmanship, and his close collaboration with clients throughout the project. To date, Padgett’s portfolio includes new construction projects, property rehabilitation, framing, and full-home, kitchen, and bathroom remodels.

The featured project is an Irvine Patio and Landscape Refurbishment completed in 2014. These spaces are an extension of an existing residential property in a suburban area. These additional spaces added a boost of creative energy to the house, which elevates the owner’s living condition and adds spice to its outdoor visuals.

Inspired Remodels

21098 Bake Pkwy, Ste 100, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Inspired Remodels Inc. is a general contractor with creative and innovative projects across Orange County. For over 15 years, the design and build firm has provided inspiring spaces via upstanding work and service. The firm’s use of modern installation techniques and high-caliber materials ensures that every project has long-lasting properties and great aesthetic value.

Owner and CEO Joseph Mueller leads the operations of the home improvement studio. His expertise lies in remodeling covers kitchens, bathrooms, and full interiors. Mueller is also proficient in custom carpentry with cabinets, countertops, and built-ins, as you’ll see in the firm’s extensive portfolio.

One of the company’s standout projects, the Newport Beach Renovation, exudes a blend of traditional charm and contemporary style. The full-renovation covers full interior paint and stain jobs, new flooring, three-bathroom-remodels, a day spa master bath, and a custom fireplace. It also features a swanky new kitchen, which we’ve decided to highlight here.

Miller & Sons Construction

17595 Harvard Avenue, Suite 282, Irvine, CA 92614

Miller and Sons Construction Group rose to prominence thanks to its prompt management and professional service. The firm’s tight process delivers quality projects thanks to a team of industry experts that include interior designers, in-house architects, and engineers. Close collaboration with the clients from the budgeting and design phase until post-construction guarantees smooth results. The firm’s ability to adapt spontaneously has earned positive feedback from local homeowners.

Since 2005, the company has been specializing in residential remodeling and construction projects. Its expertise includes bathrooms, kitchens, room additions, complete remodeling, and hardscaping. Free consultation from a licensed expert is also available for any type of project.

This two-story residence is a project provided by Miller and Sons. The contemporary home features elements of traditional houses, including its small upper balcony, with details like a stone-flanked entryway that showcases modern style. A connecting garage stands at the side of the main structure.

Zen Homes Construction

3151 Cahuenga Boulevard West, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Zen Homes Construction and Remodeling is known for providing all-around service to residents of Los Angeles. Its core services include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, room additions, hardscaping and landscaping, and air-conditioning and heating.

Simon Benmoha presides over the company, a full-service practice established in 1999. The firm’s green model combines green elements with the client’s preferences. Sustainable and energy-efficient materials are major aspects of the firm’s work, which foster cleaner, greener living conditions. Each remodeling project also delivers high-caliber workmanship, field efficiency, and quality service. 

This suburban dwelling is a Zen Homes construct based in California. The two-story house showcases a standard palette of beige walls and red brick roofs. A garage occupies its façade, which overlooks a grassy lawn with local trees and shrubbery.

Cutler Construction Services, Inc.

8502 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869

Cutler Construction Services, Inc., (CCSI), is a general contractor with over 25 years of home improvement experience in Orange County. The firm’s expertise includes remodeling jobs that involve custom homes, sidings, additions, framing, ADUs, and more.

The family-owned and operated business consists of a team of experts with a commitment to upstanding work and customer service. With principal Josh Cutler at the helm, the firm provides quality craftsmanship, streamlined management, and meticulous attention to every detail in every job. Their use of contemporary remodeling methods produces stunning projects tailor-made to match the owner’s lifestyle.

The Circula Panorama Modern Home Remodel is a project with elements of a transitional aesthetic. The trendy residential space includes multiple bedrooms, a kitchen, a family area, a powder room, and a bathroom. The medium-sized living area features an open concept plan with light wood floors and white walls. It connects to a quaint kitchen that features flat-panel cabinets, quartzite countertops, a blue backsplash, and a stylish wheeled island.

Built By Newkirk

417 E Wilshire Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

Built By Newkirk made its mark on the industry by combining Old World building disciplines with a deep understanding of modern design. The company always strives to deliver optimal output through smooth conceptualization, balanced management, and post-construction touches. Coupled with a detail-oriented and efficient process, the company stands today as one of the best contractors in Fullerton and its adjacent communities.

Owner Brian Newkirk has led the company since its inception in 2001. The builder’s identity revolves around timeless craftsmanship and innovative solutions, which serve not only as core values but also a guarantee for every project. Its main services span the residential and light commercial markets of Orange County and Los Angeles and include general contracting, consulting, design, custom homes, and large-scale remodels.

This eclectic home in Oak Knoll Drive is a showcase of the firm’s construction savvy. The two-story home features white wood sidings and black tile roofing. The estate’s interiors deploy crisp modern design against wood floors and trendy design choices that extend from the furniture to the room layouts.


23372 Madero Rd. Ste. K, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

STUDconstruction derives its moniker from a wall stud, which forms the foundation of every new structure. Similar to its namesake, the firm also serves as the framework of every quality project. President Andrei Damian leads the operations of the luxury design-build company. Proficiency in remodeling, addition, and restoration are just some of the builder’s assets, as its customer service approach also makes up a large part of the firm’s arsenal.

This STUDconstruction project, the Mid-Century Escape, is a 2018 project with a project value of 750,000. The Orange County residence displays influences from the 1960s and a contemporary flavor that fits the modern landscape. The exteriors and interiors employ a minimalist design choice without much visual fuss. Colors of black and white bring a sense of uniformity throughout the home. These hues are prominent from the furniture and halls to the outside walls. The cool atmosphere of the abode reflects a preference for simple, yet stylish living.

OC Builders Group

600 West Santa Ana Boulevard, Santa Ana, CA 92701

OC Builders Group is a company that strives to provide detail-oriented improvements to luxury residences in Orange County. As one of Orange County’s top design-build contractors, the company has over 15 years of hands-on experience in full-home remodeling, kitchen and bath remodeling, home additions, garage conversions, and more. The firm’s penchant for innovative design has earned it several local merits from client-community circles for its high-quality handiwork and customer service.

Principal Even Vahab has built a portfolio of homes that reflects cutting-edge designs. From coastal kitchens to contemporary renovations, this deep catalog shines with visual grandeur. A characteristic example is this Modern Home Renovation in Tustin. A fairly new structure from 2020, the residential renovation project has a total value of half a million dollars. Notable features include a completely remodeled kitchen, a living room, a master bathroom, a guest bathroom, a powder room, and an addition to the master suite.

Streamline Construction

23632 Via Fabricante, Suite F, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

Streamline Construction Services is a trusted source of custom home building and remodeling services for over 20 years. The Orange County practice prioritizes high craftsmanship and client service in every project. President and founder Jason Adams forges long-lasting structures and strong relationships with the company’s customers. Together with a roster of seasoned professionals, Adams consistently delivers exceptional work from the planning stages until the project’s completion.

The firm’s service selection includes kitchen and bathroom remodeling, residential construction, custom cabinets, electrical, and more. One of its standout projects is the Vista Baya Modern Farmhouse, a ground-up built in a suburban community. The transitional residence was built in collaboration with Olga Dean Interior Design. The abode combines elements of modern style with a traditional farmhouse design. It features sleek white walls, glass doors, white oak flooring, gray marble and quartz surfaces, and a custom Dutch door.

Horizon Construction & Remodeling

614 S. Euclid St., Fullerton, CA 92832

Horizon Construction and Remodeling is a Fullerton-based general contractor that serves Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego County. Innovation in construction and renovation is one of the company’s driving forces, noticeable in the firm’s kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior and interior work.

Owner and CEO Mark Besnos heads a team of industry specialists with over 10 years of field expertise. Strong workmanship, personalized service, and on-schedule completion are the guarantees for every project. These traits have led to several awards as voted by local homeowners, who have repeatedly commended the firm’s proficiency.

This residential property is a single-story house with a striking pool. Traditional designs play a key role in the layout, visible not only in the interior furniture and fixtures but also in the outdoor patio and landscape choices. Classic elements such as the sleek white walls, stone columns, and brick roofs evoke a timeless aesthetic that complements the scenic views of the backdrop.

SOD Home Group

367 Santana Hts Unit # 3-3021, San Jose, CA 95128-2073

SOD Home Group is a company that consists of remodeling professionals based in Los Angeles and San Jose. One of its main goals is to provide a positive building experience without any issues. Firm CEO and general contractor Oren Dagan oversees operations to make sure that every project yields satisfactory results. The streamlined process starts with estimates and planning then flows smoothly into construction thanks to a dedicated roster committed to customer service.

The full-service firm specializes in construction and general remodeling within residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Its contracting and renovation arsenal includes design, building, and outdoor living. The company also offers home energy solutions such as solar, insulation, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC).

A notable project of SOD is this Contemporary Home Design and Build from 2019. The project is a collaboration between the firm and the homeowner, who required help in the redesign of their residence. Notable features include a custom bedroom layout and modern bathroom updates, folding glass door additions, a gas fireplace, and a kitchen island with waterfall countertops.

Rellion Homes

3334 E Coastal Highway, #568, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Rellion Homes is a design-build investment company with a focus on cost-effective homes and efficient management. The firm’s distinct process incorporates architectural design, interior design, and budgeting to every remodeling and construction development. Its construction approach also prioritizes return on investment (ROI) policies, a great option for the client to consider.

President Lin He has led the company’s operations since 2008. His residential portfolio includes luxury custom homes, quaint remodels, and stylish modern dwellings. This Tuscany Mediterranean in Villa Park is a 2012 project with a cost of 750,000. The exterior is a blend of Tuscan and Mediterranean styles, and that wonderful fusion extends to the interior design. The minimalist decor leans on classical aesthetics with rustic-colored surfaces infused with fixtures in rich earth tones.

Regal Contracting Company

19537 1/2 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91356

Regal Construction and Remodeling is highly-rated for its building prowess and customer service excellence. Founded in 2008, the general contractor stands today as one of the industry stalwarts in Los Angeles, preferred by many for its high-caliber work. Firm CEO Sean Aichel runs a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the field. Their comprehensive and creative solutions—from the planning stages to the construction work—have earned many accolades from homeowners circles across the state.

The builder’s design process starts with a consultation. Upon agreement, architecture and design are underway, which then transitions to the actual construction. Upon completion, customers can enjoy a living space tailor-made for their desires and needs. The featured project, dubbed the Regal residence, is a standout structure. The two-story home has a traditional charm: stone brick sidings, cobalt gray roofing, and a front yard with floral blossoms. The abode sits at the center of a copse of tall trees and a verdant landscape, a striking modern visual sitting amidst the beauty of nature.