Wichita is the largest city in Kansas and has many big-city attractions, including science exhibits, museums, botanical gardens, and of course, numerous shops and businesses. Both established and upcoming businesses invest regularly in updated floor plans, reworked exterior designs, and complete renovations. The best commercial contractors in the city provide a range of services and are able to customize a construction plan to fit the client’s requirements.

With many firms to choose from, it can be a challenge finding the right contractor for your particular project. With this in mind, the editors created this list of the top 15 commercial contractors in Wichita, looking into each firm’s experience, portfolio, process, and recognition.

Key Construction

741 W. 2nd Street, Wichita, KS 67203

David Wells is the current president leading Key Construction, with Kenneth Wells acting as the firm’s chairman and Rick McCafferty as the CEO. Each of these individuals has decades of experience in the business. Key Construction has built on its successes for the past 43 years, continuing what the founders, Ken and Dave Wells, started. Throughout the past four decades, the company has grown exponentially. The team continues to serve 40 states nationwide and has offices in Texas and Oklahoma. 

One of the firm’s notable projects, the Colorado Derby Loft, is shown here. The former office building is a nine-story property that received significant updates. From interior floor plans to exterior design to the basement, numerous changes improved the building’s overall appeal. These updates include an amenities deck on the rooftop, leasing space on the first floor, a pet park outside, and underground parking. In addition, the company applied the BIM Modeling and LEAD Scheduling Principles, which led to the project’s early finish. Projects like this have earned the firm praise and awards, such as the 2020 Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Oklahoma Excellence in Construction Award and the 2021 Associated General Contractors of Kansas Award of Excellence.

Conco Construction

3051 N. Ohio, Wichita, KS 67219

Conco Construction has been in the industry for over four decades. Its president, Craig Nelson, has assembled a large team of nearly 200 employees, which has allowed the firm to tackle multiple projects at a time. The company aspires to continually improve in the development of each team member and their ability to perform independently. For Conco Construction, success derives from each person’s ability to contribute to the project. This engagement results in completed projects that are in line with the client’s vision. The photo shows one of the firm’s best projects, the Botanica Carousel Pavilion. The project’s scope comprises a modern floor plan with vibrant lighting, contemporary furnishing, and ample outdoor space. Projects like this have won the attention of numerous publications such as the Wichita Business Journal, the Daily Telegraph, and the Emporia Gazette.

Eby Construction

2525 E. 36th Cir. N., Wichita, KS 67219 

The Envision Workforce Innovation Center is an example of the challenging projects undertaken by Eby Construction.  The project’s scope included a complete remodel of the headquarters’ fifth floor with new offices, break rooms, and experiential learning areas for the visually challenged. The facility also needed to remain functional during the 100-day expedited schedule. Through an extensive coordination process, which included hiring a blind consultant, and various methodologies tested in past projects, the firm overcame these difficulties and completed the work without interruption of the center’s operations. 

President Michael Grier oversees all of Eby’s projects, assisted by CEO Kurt Grier, who has abundant experience in business, engineering, and administration. Since 1937, the pair have worked to maintain the company’s status as a top firm in Wichita. The company has repeatedly received recognition and awards, such the 2017 Kansas Preservation Alliance Medallion Award for Excellence and the 2018 Association of General Contractors (AGC) Award of Honor.

Dondlinger Construction

2656 S. Sheridan, Wichita, KS 67201

The Courtyard by Marriott project shown here involved the remodel of a 57,700-square-foot space and the addition of a 58,700-square-foot space. Before the hotel claimed the property, it housed an old warehouse which consisted of two stories and a basement level. The firm’s work on the project included adding an additional three stories, thereby increasing the floor space to 114,000 square feet. Conventional steel framing with metal studs was used for the building’s exterior. The completed project includes 126 guest rooms, three guest room suites, a 2,400-square-foot atrium, a lounge area, an exercise room, a coffee shop, and a breakfast area. 

The Dondlinger Construction team has been around for 123 years, making it one of the oldest firms in the city. Tom Dondlinger, with 49 years of experience, currently leads the company. Under Tom, the company has earned considerable attention and praise, including features in the Leavenworth Times, the Wichita Business Journal, and The Ottawa Herald. Other notable accomplishments include winning the 2017  American Concrete Institute (ACI) Infrastructure Award and the 2017 KAN-STRUCT Award of Excellence.

McCownGordon Construction

300 N. Mead Ste. 104, Wichita, KS 67202 

McCownGordon Construction has assembled a team of experienced professionals who contribute their insights and services to each project. The Chairman of the Board, Brett Gordon, Vice President Todd Knight, and CEO Ramin Cherafat are the three principals leading the firm today. Under the trio’s leadership, the firm has blossomed into one of Wichita’s top firms. The company’s track record includes a number of awards, such as the 2011 Associated General Contractors of Kansas Award of Honor and the 2011 Building Design + Construction Gold Building Team Award. The Prairiefire project (shown) includes a sixty-acre site and a 1.4 million-square-foot space filled with offices, retail stores, hotels, and residential areas. Other details include a 900-car parking garage and a 40,000-square-foot museum. Projects like this have gained media attention, such as from The Wichita Eagle and KSN-TV. 

Crossland Construction Projects

3017 N. Cypress Dr. Ste. A, Wichita, KS 67226 

Ivan Crossland founded Crossland Construction Projects in 1977. Since its inception, the firm has grown in size, with its current team numbering over 1,500 employees. The large size of the team has enabled the firm to expand its services to over 35 states nationwide. This reach is reflected in its portfolio of commercial projects located throughout the country. The firm’s projects have resulted in numerous awards. These include the 2021 Education and Recreation Award of Excellence and the 2021 Ad Astra Award Honoree. 

Pictured above is one of the firm’s notable projects in Wichita, the Aloft Hotel. The establishment is a five-story building with metal studs, concrete flooring, and geo-pier foundations. The hotel’s floor plan includes 126 guest rooms, meeting rooms, a lobby area, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool. The project was completed for 13.8 million dollars.

Commerce Construction Services, Inc.

2225 Southwest Blvd., Wichita, KS 67213

Commerce Construction Services has a mid-sized team and continuously strives to maintain high standards of quality while creating long-lasting partnerships with clients and professionals. Its president, Doug Henning, leads the firm today and oversees its various projects. Some of the company’s notable accomplishments include winning the 2020 Award of Excellence and the 2020 Top General Contractor award. Shown here is the Village Travel headquarters project. The facility consists of a refined office floor plan, a lobby area, and a large garage area. Projects like this have caused the company to be featured numerous times in the Wichita Business Journal, strengthening the company’s track record.

Simpson Construction Services

2872 N. Ridge Rd. Ste. 112, Wichita, KS 67205

The project shown here is a recent collaboration between Simpson Construction Services and Botanica, the Wichita botanical gardens. The project involved construction of a classical Chinese scholar’s garden featuring traditional Chinese architecture, art, and culture. Notable details in the garden include two foo dogs at the entrance, a replica of the Qingming Scroll, and a 97-foot Treasure Dragon. The classic architecture surrounding the garden takes inspiration from the Song Dynasty. Projects like this have been an important part of the firm’s work. For over six decades, Simpson Construction Services has broadened its services and methodologies, leading to various notable projects for government, education, and healthcare. The company’s leaders, Jared and Bob Simpson, have the asset of extensive backgrounds in the business. Their projects have attracted recognition, including the 2016 Award of Excellence – Associated General Contractors of Kansas and the 2019 Award of Excellence for Renovation – Associated General Contractors of Kansas. 

Snodgrass & Sons Construction Co

2700 George Washington Blvd., Wichita, KS 67210

The project shown is a successful renovation for Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty and Security. The renovations on the first, sixth, and seventh floors brought in new office space, conference rooms, kitchens, and reception areas. In addition, the firm applied modern finishes to these areas, including a glass curtain wall, drywall finishes, granite counters, and LED light fixtures. A notable feature of this project is the sixth-floor renovation. It includes a full glass operable wall that opens up a large meeting room into the kitchen area, used primarily for events and gatherings. A challenge the firm encountered was working in an enclosed environment with other tenants present. Disturbances from the company and tenants were present during the renovation, but proper coordination between the team members resulted in a smooth completion. 

Under the guidance of David and Aaron Snodgrass, the company has grown to become a respected firm in Wichita. The firm, founded in 1940, has continued to evolve. Its achievements have earned the attention of The Wichita Eagle and The Business Journals, who have featured the company’s work.  

Nabholz Corporation

17300 W 116th St., Lenexa, KS 66219 

President Jeff Gattis and CEO Greg Williams are the principals leading Nabholz Construction. Since its inception, the firm has grown from a small group of contractors into a larger, multi-disciplinary firm, tackling various projects for different sectors. A notable characteristic of the company is the Nabholz name, which has been synonymous with the company’s founder, Bob Nabholz. Bob laid the foundation for the company’s guiding principles and has since been an integral part of the team’s approach to creating high-level projects. One of those high-level projects, the St. Rose Health Center, is shown. The project scope involved renovations and additions to a 34,000-square-foot space. The demolition of an existing medical office building and subsequent site improvements played a significant role in enhancing the renovations and additions of the center. In addition, the firm provided amenities such as new admittance areas, exam rooms, clinical space, a helipad, new medical offices, and new patient rooms.

Sauerwein Construction

2055 S. Edwards, Wichita, KS, 67213

Shown here is the Plaza Beastro project at the Wichita Zoo. The project’s scope includes a larger kitchen area for bigger groups of diners and a separate dining room for events and gatherings. Its floor plan features varied color schemes, clerestory windows, and insulated glass. What makes this project unique is its open environment, with patios and ponds tying into the building while providing views of the zoo. A challenge the team encountered was the establishment’s exterior angles. The steel masonry, concrete, wood trusses, and standing seam needed proper coordination to ensure a well-balanced structure. The firm achieved this with intricate detailing, which resulted in a suitable finish. Sauerwein Construction is a veteran in the business, having been around since the 1970s. Under president Frank Sauerwein, the group has maintained its status as a top contractor in Wichita, receiving numerous distinctions. These include the 2013 Award of Honor – Associated General Contractors of Kansas and the 2016 Award of Merit – Best Metal Building Specialist – Metallic Building Systems.

Rock Construction

208 S. Laura St., Wichita, KS 67211 

Jason Layman founded Rock Construction in 2002. Since its inception, Rock Construction has been assembling a team of experienced professionals, partnering with Amber Dobosz in 2017. Dobosz has played a significant role in the success of the company’s projects. Dobosz has 15 years of experience in business and project coordination, working for television programs like Renovation Wild for Animal Planet, Extreme Makeover, and Bar Rescue. With her assistance, Layman has successfully produced various projects, such as the one shown. The project is for the No Coast Salon, featuring an interior remodel of the 930 W. Douglas building with tenant finishes specifically for the salon. The interior features rustic furniture, bright lighting and equipment. Projects like this have caught the attention of publications such as The Wichita Eagle, the Manhattan Mercury, and The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Zernco, Inc.

2400 S. Greenwich Rd., Wichita, KS 67210

Dave and Jan Zerngast established Zernco, Inc. in 1991 as a small, family-owned cabinet shop. After a couple of years, the company grew to become a multi-state commercial contractor. Ashley Thill then took over the firm, leading the group to another growth phase. In 2019, Scott Marko from Zernco purchased the company and continued growing the firm’s client base and national footprint. Today, the company has received multiple recognitions for its work. The group received the 2020 Top Contractor Award for Fastest Average Build Time and the 2020 Real Estate Awards, Top General Contractors. The project below showcases one of the firm’s notable clients, Red Lobster. The firm worked on a complete remodel of the restaurant with an updated exterior and floor plan. New color schemes, structural foundation, and furnishing provide a new, upgraded look that matches the restaurant’s image. The finished product is a more modern-looking restaurant with a better exterior appearance and floor plan.  

Farha Construction Inc.

1360 N. Mosley St., Wichita, Kansas 67214

Ted and Ed Farha are the principals leading Farha Construction Inc. today. The pair established the firm in 1978 with a team of 20 people. This group handles an array of projects, including new construction, renovations, and remodeling projects. Thanks to its many successful years in the business, the firm has gained a large clientele, with 95% of their clients being repeat clients and referrals. This success has allowed the company to expand its services and increase its productivity. 

Shown here is one of the firm’s restaurant projects for the Bella Luna. The restaurant features a contemporary floor plan with a brightly-lit interior. Its floor plan is divided into two areas, a main dining area and a bar. A notable detail of this project is the use of multiple color schemes. The contrasting colors, from the orange walls by the bar to the black walls in the dining area, combined with the modern furnishing, create a dynamic interior. The firm also created a white ceiling wall by the bar area that has various handwritten messages on it, which provides a unique touch.  

Hentzen Contractors

3711 N. Hillside, Wichita, KS 67219

Hentzen Contractors, established by Bernard Hentzen in 1963,  started as an insurance repair company and later became a full-service commercial contractor. Its services focus on outdoor remodeling, complete commercial remodeling, and one-off remodeling projects. Under Hentzen’s leadership, the company has earned several awards, such as the NKBA Design Award, and has been featured in the Wichita Business Journals. The project below is one of the firm’s restaurant projects, completed for Reverie Roasters. The establishment uses modern furniture and classic color schemes. The abundant use of black, gray, and white on the walls, furniture, and flooring results in a refined interior. On the exterior, a gray brick wall radiates a classic, sophisticated appeal that matches the interior design.