Perhaps best known for being the largest city in Kentucky, Louisville is the historical seat of Jefferson County. It is called home by countless icons like legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, in addition to numerous distinguishable landmarks and historic buildings and six Fortune 500 companies such as Humana, Kindred Healthcare, and Yum!

Our editorial team compiled this list of the area’s 15 best commercial architects. They were chosen based on their stellar portfolios and impressive backgrounds. Several of these companies have had the privilege of working on some of Louisville’s most iconic structures and have been awarded for their excellent contributions to the industry. 

EOP Architects

322 E. Main St., Louisville, KY 40202

EOP Architects is an award-winning firm that offers a complete and comprehensive range of architectural and interior design services. It operates out of its offices in Lexington and Louisville and anchors itself on a highly hands-on approach. The firm specializes in an extensive range of project types. Its portfolio depicts various academic, civic, cultural, healthcare, historic, hospitality, mixed-use, recreational, and residential projects. Because of these excellent spaces, the firm has become no stranger to wide acclaim. Its work has been published in a variety of publications and has enabled it to win a multitude of awards. Some of these include Merit Awards from the American Institute of Architects and the Honor Awards from the International Interior Design Association.

This project was completed in Lexington. It spans 4,500 square feet and was completed for a 150-seat restaurant. It has locally reclaimed wood tables and floors complement oversized windows, a custom bar, and aged brick and shiplap. 


829 E. Market St. Suite B, Louisville, KY 40206

Operating out of its offices in Lexington and Louisville, JRA specializes in aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. It utilizes a highly collaborative approach and is regarded for its infusion of a great multidisciplinary method. In 2013, JRA entered into its fourth generation of builders and is currently under the supervision of Rob Deal. He is an active member of the AIA and personally oversees each project that the firm takes on. Through this meticulous process, JRA has grown over 30% since he took over. The firm has also become regarded for its hands-on, interactive design process and excellent incorporation of its client’s visions. The firm is the proud recipient of several awards from the AIA and the American Architecture Awards. Its work has also been featured in publications like the Huffington Post. 

Showcased above is one of the firm’s best projects. Located in Lexington, this space spans 2,600 square feet and was completed for First Federal Bank. The firm’s team designed a one-story facility complete with walkways, curbing, and landscaping. It has beautiful exterior walls made of brick and stone trim. 

Luckett & Farley

737 S. 3rd St., Louisville, KY 40202

Luckett & Farley is Kentucky’s largest and the nation’s oldest continually operating architecture firm. The employee-owned company offers design services through a studio model including architects, engineers, interior designers and developers with shared industry expertise to turn clients’ objectives into outcomes. Drawing experience from over 160 years of field expertise, the firm is headquartered in Louisville. 

It offers major renovation services. Its portfolio is a showcase of hospitality, mixed-use, commercial, and educational buildings. It has also worked on countless projects for the government, as well as several civic, industrial, and corporate spaces. The project below is an excellent example of the firm’s expertise.  

Completed in Louisville, this project showcases the firm’s work on the Texas Roadhouse corporate office. It entailed the renovation of two floors which included office spaces, communal spaces, meeting rooms, restrooms, training space, production space including a green room, and mother’s rooms. For this project, the firm drew heavy inspiration from national parks to capture the company’s brand and goal of fun. 

Potter & Associates Architects

333 E. Main St. Suite #500, Louisville, KY 40202

Potter & Associates Architects offers a full and comprehensive range of architectural services. It has worked on various notable projects spread across the country and is regarded for its ability to take on spaces regardless of size or scale. Additionally, it is also noted for its wonderful ability to provide innovative solutions to otherwise complex and challenging issues that arise during the process. The firm commits itself to the highest standards and is led by its namesake, Henry Potter. He has been the firm’s principal since 1977. Under his leadership, the company has had the opportunity to complete projects in 13 states in addition to numerous counties across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The firm is the proud recipient of numerous awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA). It has also been distinguished for its stellar preservation projects. Depicted here is one of the firm’s best work. It was completed for Gilda’s Club Kentuckiana,  a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting those diagnosed with cancer and their families. The project itself entailed the extensive renovation of two existing buildings, a former educational building, and a market. For its efforts, the firm was distinguished with the 2020 AIA Kentucky Honor Award for Excellence in Architectural Design. 

WorK Architecture + Design

1122 Rogers St., Louisville, KY 40204

Established in 2012, WorK Architecture + Design uses a highly collaborative approach and only the latest industry techniques. Its team involves itself throughout the entire process, from every phase of design and inception through construction and completion. It is regarded for its excellent aesthetics as well as the functionality of its spaces. The firm also takes great pride in its expertise in the area’s most popular architectural vernaculars which has enabled it to secure a solid clientele list for itself composed of both local and national brands and companies. WorK also infuses various sustainability efforts into its projects, assuring clients of the high efficiency of its work. Uniquely, it also has a passion for furniture design and offers rapid prototyping equipment, 3D modeling programming, and visualization. 

This project depicts the firm’s work on the Olio Event Group’s offices. Located within the  Germantown Mills Loft Campus, this space spans 1,625 square feet and features a great mix of industrial and contemporary finishes. We especially loved its glass storefront wall and stellar conference room. 

Joseph & Joseph Architects

550 S. 4th St., Louisville, KY 40202

Joseph & Joseph Architects services both the public and private sectors and showcases an excellent portfolio with a lengthy range of spaces from a variety of markets. These include the distillery, healthcare, education, institutional, commercial and residential sectors. It is also highly regarded and esteemed for its excellent historical preservations. The firm traces its origins back to the brothers  Alfred and Oscar Joseph, who founded the firm back in 1908 after working on some of Louisville’s most iconic buildings that still grace its skyline to this day. The firm is now led by Cash Moter and Eric Huelsman, two talented professionals under whose leadership the company has grown to acquire Bravura Architecture, Interiors, and Master Planning.

This project was completed back in 2014 and best embodies the firm’s skill and expertise. It is an innovative entertainment and retail district for the Cordish Company and features a multilayered urban landscape. It has an excellent blend and infusion of industrial and lively contemporary themes, in addition to its great fixtures and various custom finishes. 

One World Architecture

414 Baxter Ave. Suite #101, Louisville, KY 40204

One World Architecture has been in business since 2006 and dedicates itself to socially and environmentally responsible design. Looking at its history, it traces its origins to Gregory Maire Architect, an award winning architecture and interior design firm based in Evanston, Illinois. Now, One World Architecture is licensed to practice not only in Kentucky but also Illinois, Tennessee, and California.  It has completed projects in some of its biggest cities and takes great pride in the stellar clientele list it has established for itself through the years. The firm is personally led by its principal, Ken Parel-Sewell, a talented professional with over 20 years of experience in all phases and aspects of architectural practice, from concept development to construction documents to contract administration.

This project is an excellent example of the firm’s expertise. It was completed for Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods, a business that has been around since 1977 and has since become a regional leader in the natural and organic food movement. For this site, the firm’s team worked on a simple design to best fit the grocery and its clients’ needs. The project has pyramidal wood slat trellis, great salad bar, and an inviting conference room made for yoga classes, nutritionist visits, and related events.

Foxworth Architecture PLLC

903 Lydia St., Louisville, KY 40217

Foxworth offers its clients a complete and comprehensive range of architectural services. Its team takes the time to investigate and work on a personalized process that will tailor fit a particular project and ensures that it will be present from start to finish. That said, it makes use of a highly hands-on and meticulous approach that has resulted in some outstanding work. It has also secured relationships with some of the area’s best and leading contractors, subcontractors, and artisans. The firm is led by its namesake,  Mark Foxworth, a professional architect who is licensed to practice in both Kentucky and Indiana. He is also proud to be LEED-certified and draws inspiration from nearly two decades of working in and around the industry. Under his leadership, the company has worked on countless excellent commercial, healthcare, entertainment, and residential projects. 

The photo above shows the company’s work on the Logan Street Market. It spans around an impressive 19,000 square feet and also entailed the incorporation of adaptive reuse techniques. The project itself features several open spaces, stalls, and dining areas.  

Hubbuch & Co.

324 West Main St., Louisville, KY 40202

Hubbuch & Company is a multi-disciplined architecture and interior design firm  that has been in business since 1933. It assists its clients with everything from conceptualization to installation and emphasizes the importance of collaborating closely with clients throughout the entire process to ensure that their visions are excellent infused into their new spaces. The company is regarded for its excellent ability to provide both economical and functional solutions to otherwise complicated sites. It extends its services throughout Louisville and has had the opportunity to work with some of the area’s best brands and companies. Its portfolio depicts an excellent range of commercial, residential, educational, and senior living spaces. It has also had the opportunity to work on multiple unique projects including gaming offices and retail stores.

This project depicts its work on the Maker’s Mark Distillery. Originally built in 1805, this site has since expanded and been consistently maintained by the firm. This all new renovation entailed a fire house, the Whisky Creek covered bridge, additions to the Burks House, the Distiller’s House and the Print Shop, as well as the rebuilding of Warehouse D into a state-of-the-art tasting bar.


640 S. Fourth St., Louisville, KY 40202

Formerly known as Voelker Blackburn Niehoff Architects, VBNA is a full-service architecture firm that utilizes an excellent collaborative approach. It specializes in an extensive range of designs, completed for a variety of markets. That said, it has also had the privilege of being featured in several publications. Some of these include Louisville Business First that had recognized one of the company’s spaces as among its “Best Public / Private Project.” It has also graced the pages of Learning by Design Magazine. Showcased below is one of the firm’s best work. 

Completed in collaboration with Forst Associates and American Engineering, this project was completed for Northside Christian Church in New Albany. It entailed converting a large storage space into an all-new entry and cafe. The project features an excellent modern theme complete with a mezzanine to accommodate its community. 

Architectural Investments

222 S. 1st St. Suite #206, Louisville, KY 40202

Architectural Investments extends its services throughout Louisville and offers a complete range of architectural and engineering design, design-build and construction management services. The firm draws inspiration from over two decades of industry experience and has since worked on an extensive range of spaces. It has since become one of Louisville’s leading firms. That said, it comes as no surprise that the company is the proud recipient of several industry awards. One of its most recent ones which our team was very impressed by, was its Award of Excellence from the 2020 NAIOP. On top of all these, the firm also takes great pride in the excellent reviews and outstanding clientele list it has curated for itself through the years. 

Showcased above is the firm’s work on the Oldham Plaza. This new construction spans over 2,000 square feet. The company primarily worked on the extensive renovation of the second-tier shopping center. It features great interior decorations and a revamped facade. 

Studio A Architecture

2330 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY 40206

Regarded for its stellar range of services, Studio A Architecture is an award-winning, full-service architecture firm. It operates out of its headquarters in Louisville but also has operations and satellite offices in Panama City, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to these, the firm is registered in over 19 states. The firm’s team has handled multi-million dollar budgets for both the private and public sectors. It takes pride in the great range of repeat clientele lists it has curated for itself through the years. The firm has worked on several excellent hospitality, senior living, multi-family, and commercial spaces. Its work can best be seen in the project below.  

Located in Louisville, this project was completed for Genesis Diamonds. It is a part of a group of spaces the firm completed across the Shelbyville Road Plaza Shopping Center. 

Keyes Architects & Associates

4717 Preston Hwy., Louisville, KY 40213

Keyes Architects & Associates specializes in an extensive range of services and was founded in March of 1991. The firm operates out of its office located in the heart of Louisville. The firm can take on projects regardless of size or scale, as well as complexity. Because of this, it has worked on countless multimillion dollar projects together with several smaller scale work. The firm is regarded for its excellent processes and ability to complete all of its projects on-time and within the agreed-upon project. The space below best depicts the firm’s talent and expertise.

The project has a long bar, transitional finishes, and unique fixtures. We also loved its custom shelves, as well as its paneled flooring and glass finishes.