Seal Beach is a coastal city where the mixture of urban and suburban features produces a thriving economy and community. Nature and technology are two of its biggest assets. Known for being home to Boeing’s Space and Intelligence Systems headquarters and Boeing Homeland Security and Services, the city is also the location of California’s second-longest wooden pier that locals tourists both use for fishing and sightseeing. 

The city’s duality and diversity are reflected in its architectural landscape where homeowners aspire for residences that celebrate the old and the new, the natural and the forged. The best general contractors of Seal Beach understand the demand for these unique spaces. The firms below have helped locals build interiors and exteriors that embody their functional, stylistics, and customization demands. These companies have served the area for years and have established an impressive reputation among the building and design communities. 

Zieba Builders

1390 E Burnett St. Suite A Signal Hill, CA 90755

Zieba Builders was launched in 1988 as an answer to the region’s growing need for a general contractor that can serve a diverse range of project complexities. The multi-awarded firm specializes in remodeling, master suite addition, Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) construction, and historic restoration. Projects for these categories are consistently commended for their ingenuity and design. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), for instance, gave the firm its 2018 SoCal Design Awards for the Large Bath Category. That same year, the firm also earned the organization’s Medium Kitchen awards. In recent years, it was ranked among Professional Remodeler’s Best of the Best. The firm also earned the sought-after Regional Chrysalis Award.

The firm’s design-build nature provides clients with a team of architects, designers, and builders, all under one roof, to take a project from conceptualization through completion. One of the firm’s remodeling works was the transformation of an old and outdated cooking area into a Modern-Farmhouse kitchen. The space combines the clean and sleek lines of modern elements with the light and natural materials of wood, custom fixtures, and craftsman cabinetry. The contrast between its white countertops and backsplashes against the dark lines, frames, and forms gives character to the space. 

Elias Construction

318 Ave. I, Unit #482, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Elias Construction is a multi-affiliated company that has dominated the industry for almost four decades. Aside from being an active member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the firm’s advocacy for green construction and sustainable building practices make it a respected member of the Build it Green Foundation. As a general contractor, its residential remodeling, renovation, and home improvement portfolio features spaces that highlight a wide range of styles. That includes traditional, transitional, Spanish, and modern design. 

One of the firm’s most unforgettable projects was a kitchen and dining area remodel. The new spaces highlight the warm and inviting ambiance of light. The neutral palette frames the lighter natural wood materials and soft textiles. The resulting space highlights polished modern kitchen equipment, metallic fixtures, and black countertops and prep areas. The open-space layout allows the kitchen to interact with the dining room, a structural choice meant to encourage interaction. It’s a great space for a family that loves entertaining guests.

7 Point Construction

4431 Corporate Center Dr. Suite #123, Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Serving commercial and residential project owners, 7 Point Construction specializes in delivering high-value building services. Its portfolio includes luxury custom homes and high-end corporate commercial establishments that shape the city’s urban and suburban landscapes. Licensed, insured, and bonded, the majority of the firm’s clients come from referrals and repeat business. 

The firm’s loyal customer base has also allowed it to expand its services. Currently, the company caters to clients from its Long Beach and Los Alamitos locations. The company’s decade under the leadership of Josh Espinoza has helped it establish networks among the industry’s trusted design professionals and manufacturers. These collaborations have produced an extensive portfolio of classic, traditional, craftsman, contemporary, and modern spaces.

Innovative Builders

5233 E. Carita Street, Long Beach CA 90808

Innovative Builders opened its doors in 2009 with the goal of providing a full-service approach to residential and commercial construction and remodeling. General contractor and designer Joshua Siler leads a team composed of builders, designers, and real estate professionals. The team’s construction experience and profound understanding of design allow it to help clients make educated decisions about their project. Whether it is for a transitional home that highlights textiles, textures, and patterns, or for a clean and minimalist contemporary and modern space, the firm stays with the client every step of the way.

This client-focused approach helped the company become a preferred contractor for residential project owners. The design and building communities also recognize the firm’s contribution to building the region’s residential landscape. Real estate and home improvement television channel HGTV recently chose the company for its Hidden Potential program.  Featured on the show and highlighted in the firm’s portfolio are spaces that celebrated the integrated elements of modern and traditional interiors and exteriors. 

Long Beach Building Contractors

2436 E 4th St. #1246 Long Beach, CA 90814

Established over two decades ago, Long Beach Building Company offers a design-build delivery method. The firm specializes in home building and remodeling and is trained to take on masonry projects for the residential sector.  Al Sanchez leads the firm’s everyday operations. Sanchez provides a hands-on approach to every project, collaborating with clients from the preconstruction through the post-construction process. This full-service approach has a long list of home transformations. 

For one of its remodeling projects, the company produced a new kitchen area with an emphasis on functionality. The new space features modern equipment and a layout designed to fully take advantage of all usable spaces. Its nod to craftsmanship is represented by its choice of artisan wood cabinetry. The element of wood is repeated throughout the space. A custom sliding door opens up the space to the other main areas of the house. The overall white and light palette against the polished metallic elements embody the incorporation of traditional and modern design. 

MRI Construction & Remodeling

2736 2nd St. Long Beach, CA 90803

Offering a comprehensive list of residential general contracting services, MRI Construction & Remodeling is an emerging company that serves South Los Angeles and North Orange County communities. Max Volkman, the firm’s principal builder and founder, joined the industry almost two decades ago. Throughout his career, he has overseen hundreds of construction projects. 

Under Volkma’s leadership, the firm delivers remodels for kitchen spaces, bathrooms, and whole-house transformations through the latest building techniques and combined with the artistry of old-world craftsmanship The firm is also an expert in converting garage spaces into Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). Most of these projects highlight the light and welcoming accents of traditional and transitional designs while others showcase the smooth palette and functional elements of modern and contemporary spaces.

PA General Construction

435 East Market St. Long Beach, CA 90805

PA General Construction is an emerging company that utilizes the latest building technologies to deliver modern spaces to the residential market. Pedro Rivera leads the firm’s everyday practice. Rivera has served the residential industry for decades and he applies a hands-on approach to construction, a quality that is often emphasized in the reviews that the firm receives from its clients. The company’s customer-focused delivery method not only brings back repeat clients but also secures businesses from referrals. 

One of the firm’s remodeling projects was for a traditional kitchen that features a white-dominated palette. From its ceiling, wall cabinetry, tile backsplashes, to its countertop and prep spaces, the choice of white makes the small space appear larger and more expansive. The same light and easy-to-the-eye palette are repeated by its light brown stained wood flooring. Breaking the semi-neutral hues is a Prussian blue base cabinet that pops beneath its white sink and glossy silver fixtures that hints at its modern inspiration.

Cal Spec Builders

1198 Pacific Coast Highway., Suite D340, Seal Beach, CA 90740 

Established over 20 years ago, Cal Spec Builders is a general contracting and home improvement company that serves the residential communities of Los Angeles and Orange County. The firm is a family-owned and operated business. Its years in the industry have helped it gain familiarity with the most fundamental needs of the region’s homeowners and first-time project owners. Principal and founder Thomas Cole developed the firm’s approach with the goal of providing a detail-oriented and efficient delivery method that puts the needs of its clients first.

Projects that exemplify the firm’s range as a builder and its quality as a homebuilding professional can be found in its diverse portfolio. This work highlights interiors inspired by the classic elegance of traditional and craftsman designs. Some of its work also features the functionality and practical forms of modern and contemporary styles.

Action Services 

2221 Palo Verde Avenue, Unit 2C, Long Beach, CA 90815

Action Service’s portfolio of room addition builds, full-house remodels, and kitchen and bath remodeling work showcases its ability to offer a wide spectrum of home improvement and general contracting services to the region’s high-end and mid-range residential markets. The firm is also trained and licensed to provide electrical and lighting designs, interior and exterior painting services, and flooring installations. This impressive service scope can be attributed to the experience of its founder, John Santore, who has served the industry for over 30 years.

Santore personally leads the firm’s everyday practice. In recent years, for instance, he led his team to complete a bathroom remodeling project. The crew transformed an outdated bath into an inviting space that makes use of light, color, and materials to provide a light and cozy ambiance. Dominantly set in a warm palette, the space features a custom wood base cabinet as a complement to its beige countertop. The same tones are repeated throughout the room, with its use of soft orange tiling for the wall, flooring, and tub tiling. Amplifying this ambiance is its warm, ambient lighting. 

South Cal Construction

2342 W Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA 90810 

As a design-build company, South Cal Construction offers a conceptualization-to-completion delivery method to Southern California’s residential sector. The firm has been serving the industry for over a decade and during that time it has produced cost-effective and industry-standard projects that vary in size, value, and complexity. The firm’s portfolio includes projects for new additions, full home remodels and remodels for kitchen and bathroom, as well as installation projects for roofing, flooring, windows, and kitchen countertops.  

Heading the company’s over 15 years of operations is Armando V.  Under his guidance, the company designs and builds spaces that meet the homeowner’s stylistic and functional needs. The firm also helps homeowners make educated decisions about their projects. The firm guides clients through the material selection process as well as the choice of palette and layout. The firm also helps owners maximize their budget to produce high-quality, durable spaces.