North Carolina sits along the Atlantic Coast, between New York and Florida. Greensboro City, the third-most populated area in the state, contains many attractions, including theme parks, historical museums, and sports centers. Greensboro is more than home to the NBA G-League; it houses incredible commercial contractors.

The list below includes the best commercial contractors in Greensboro. This will prove helpful if you’re looking to build a commercial establishment in Greensboro. These contractors have exemplary portfolios, notable achievements, and client recommendations. 

Samet Corporation

309 Gallimore Dairy Rd, Suite 102, Greensboro, NC 27409

Established in 1961, Samet Corporation has operated in Greensboro for sixty years and has expanded  across the Carolina Core. Samet Corporation is broadening its horizons by delving into different aspects of construction. Founded by Norman Samet, the firm is now led by his son, Arthur, who helps the company thrive. 

Samet Corporation has earned recognition for its core principles. Now it gives back to its community by investing in its employees and cultivating growth. The company’s strong team of associates moves with purpose and builds with integrity. 

This corporation has earned various merits, including The CPN: Star Award and The ABC: STEP Award. The Triangle Business Journal ranks it among the largest contractors in the nation.

Samet Corporation has remained flexible in its designs, prioritizing the client’s vision. Its designs utilize different North Carolina influences, such as Federal Revival and Neoclassical.

Fourth Elm Construction

408 E. Mountain St., Kernersville, NC 27284

Founded in 2015, Fourth Elm Construction has completed over thirty projects. This commercial contractor operates all across the tri-state area with an impressive team that proves innovative and efficient. It is known for its communicative nature, from a project’s start to completion. 

John Martin, the co-founder, has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration Development. He is the recipient of The Central Penn Business Journal’s: Forty Under 40 Award. Martin leads the firm’s innovations and is the head of client correspondence. 

Fourth Elm Construction has several notable clients, including Starbucks Corporation. It impresses both big and small corporations with its innovative designs. Fourth Elm Construction has proven its capabilities in numerous styles of architecture.

Frank L. Blum Construction Company

203 South Church St, Greensboro, NC 27401

With a century of experience among its credits, the Frank L. Blum Construction Company has survived and thrived despite economic hardships. It is a trusted firm that has fortified its reputation in the industry. It has proven itself through the decades, with its most recent acclaim coming from NAIOP, which gave Frank L. Blum the award for New Development Project of the Year in 2019. 

The company’s experience has granted it incomparable range. It continues to encompass a wide variety of styles and services, and it still possesses the same work ethic that  established its reputation. Frank L. Blum Construction Company has extensive experience with historical designs, as well as modern and postmodern techniques. 

Venture Construction Company

4005 Meeting Way, High Point, NC 27265

Ray Morris established the Venture Construction Company in July 1969. Then, the company completed its first job for BP Oil Service Station by early 1970. By 1972, Morris had landed various projects, recruiting Bud Hollingsworth and Larry Vickery. Their collaboration proved fruitful across six decades. Morris, Hollingsworth, and Vickery are still with Venture today.

The company specializes in commercial establishments, with notable clients in restaurant enterprises. Burger King and Mcdonald’s Corporation have been Venture’s clients for over four decades. Their list of long-term clients has earned them numerous clients’ trust. 

Having various clients through the decades may prove challenging for most contractors, but Venture caters to any client’s style, regardless of the era. The company delivers contemporary designs while observing the enterprise’s uniformity. It incorporates details into its clients’ signature styles, making their commercial projects unique yet recognizable. 

Holden Building Company

114 B South Westgate Dr, Greensboro, NC 27407

Holden Building Company has served within the North Carolina Piedmont Triad since 2009. The company offers its wide range of expertise at competitive prices. It specializes in commercial developments, with projects that range  from retail centers and restaurants to academic institutions. 

Clients testify to the company’s promise of efficiency and responsiveness. It is vital for clients to hire a contractor who is receptive to clients’ concerns, and Holden Building Company has seasoned project managers who effectively complete projects while working closely with their clients. The company is well-acquainted with different styles of architecture as well, from Neoclassical structures to more modern designs. 

KC’s Improvement & Construction Co., Inc.

3118 Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27408

Keith Crabtree founded KC’s Improvement in 1984, which is still supported by his passion for construction that dates back to junior high.  He has utilized that passion to improve his company. KC’s Improvement has an extensive portfolio within Greensboro and its surrounding areas.

The company concentrates on renovations for both residential and commercial establishments. It has a diverse array of artists who prioritize craft. Because the team understands that business remodeling can cost clients potential earnings, it conducts all renovations while business ensues.

KC’s Improvement is part of The Greensboro Home Builders Association. It has also garnered an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its exceptional reputation. The firm is experienced with various styles of architecture, and it executes renovations to effortlessly match the existing structure . 

Bar Construction Company Inc.

611-A Industrial Ave. Greensboro, NC 27406

Bar Construction Company Inc. was established by a determined trio of young men: John Bonitz, Boyd Allred, Ed Robinson. They pooled their resources together in 1976, utilizing their last names for the company’s name:  Bonitz, Allred, and Robinson (BAR). After building the company from the ground up, they sold it to Dick Howard. In 1999, one of its best employees and current president, Glenn O. Hodges Jr., purchased the firm.

Bar Construction places strong moral values at the center of each project. The motto of one of the original owners, Allred, is “to never lie to the client,” and this is still implemented by Hodges. Bar Construction Company Inc. cultivates an environment of honesty, support, and dependability.

Bar Construction Company Inc. received The AGC: Pinnacle Award for its contributions to the industry’s advancement. Its portfolio consists of projects that contain  varying architectural techniques. Bar Construction continues to incorporate both historical and modern-day influences in erecting structures.

Kirkland Construction

4140 Mendenhall Oaks Pkwy, High Point, NC 27265

Milton Kirland, an industrial teacher for ten years, left his career in education to pursue construction. He began with a part-time business dealing in renovations to establish himself. Then, he created Kirkland Construction in 1977. He spent a decade gaining the necessary experience in residential and commercial renovations. Kirkland began his first extensive project in 1987, and Kirkland Construction has managed projects from start to finish ever since.

Unlike many contractors, Kirkland holds itself accountable, as it remains in constant correspondence with its clients. This guarantees the company proves efficient with its deliverables. Kirkland values its clients’ needs, making the necessary adjustments amidst project development.

Kirkland Construction is a family business that manages world-renowned companies, with  an impressive list of clientele such as The Marriott and The Hyatt. Marriott International entrusts Kirkland Construction for the structures developed within the Carolinas. 

S&S Building and Development

2501 Greengate Dr, Greensboro NC 27406

S&S Building and Development was established in 2006 by Mike Stewart. Stewart has decades of experience in project management and marketing. Gerald Pratt III, who specializes in glass construction, works alongside him. Pratt has fifteen years of glass manufacturing experience and manages the production and installation of projects.

S&S Building and Development doesn’t outsource glass production like other contractors. S&S Glazing is its in-house glass manufacturer and installation team. The company custom makes all its products, which enables it to manage time and cost effectively, as well as to satisfy each client’s needs.

Since 2006, S&S Building and Development has received recognition from iCAGC and PCEA. It also received an A+ rating from the BBB for its consistent performance in the industry. 

Colmar Contracting

1030 Westside Dr., Greensboro, NC 27405

Since 2008, Colmar Contracting has operated in the south. It employs  cost-effective tactics, with a team of experienced professionals who possess diverse specialties in commercial construction. The company has a reputation for being forthright in planning and for its virtuous execution, which has enabled it to build a thriving client base.

Led by Gino Colmarino, who obtained a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, the team offers diverse techniques. It delivers projects with a turn-key approach, ensuring the delegation of value in proper coordination among its departments. This ensures prompt completion for each project.

Colmar Contracting manages multimillion-dollar projects that range from commercial and industrial to  hospitality. It has some notable clients like La Quinta del Sol and Oden Brewery. It sets itself apart as it provides its clients with realistic planning and detailed estimates.