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GC Magazine is the world’s first magazine focused entirely on general contractors.

We are construction experts, researchers, and writers. We highlight the best general contractors in America, city by city and county by county.. We create local editorial content on general contractors throughout the United States.  We are a source of information for people looking for the perfect professional for their job. We are huge architecture fans and wanted to learn more and spread our knowledge. We plan to fill the gap in the lack of well researched, longer form, and local information relating to the construction industry. Our web-based magazine will produce annual ranked lists, highlight projects, and explore the firms behind different neighborhoods, cities, and projects.

We are developing the standard for analyzing general contractors and their projects. We look into the scope of work, the history of work, reviews, awards, industry recommendations, licenses and much more.

This site is your source of detailed information on general contractors in the US.

By lending transparency to the construction industry, we can showcase the best of the best in the world of construction.

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